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Top Hip Hop Blogs To Submit Music: Best Websites for 2023

Where can I submit hip hop music? Where can I submit music for a blog?

Are you are a musician and are finding hip hop blogs to submit music? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore as we are here! Blogs offer an excellent platform for aspiring musicians to give their music! These are the places which will provide you with a good write-up which will in return pave your way for being famous! So without any more delay, let’s get to know about the hip hop blogs to submit music!

What Are The Top Hip Hop Blogs To Submit Music To?

Hip Hop blogs submissions are now open! These blogs are always on their feet to feature the new talented musicians and help them rise the ladder of fame! Take a look at some of the best ones out here in the music arena!

Underground Hip-Hop Blog Submission Is Now Open!

underground hip hop blog submission

The most trendy and funky blogs of all time, underground hip hop is responsible for providing the best musicians! They are open to all the world, do it does not matter from where you belong, you can apply! The deal with two categories :-

  • Mainstream hip hop
  • Experimental hip hop

Be sure to hand them over the hip hop submissions on [email protected]

Upcoming Hip Hop

hip hop blog submissions

If you find a place for rap blogs to submit to, upcoming is your home! Be sure to submit your music as they have a pretty song hip-hop blog submission service! You can also learn how to change bogs into videos too! 

You can submit your music here.

Sphere Of Hip Hop

rap blogs to submit music to

This hip hop helps in creating fresh music videos and music albums! They work with every age and support all kinds of hip-hop styles! This is a great sign you are trying to find excellent blogs with experimenting! Submit your entries on [email protected]


We hope that we have helped you access the best hip hop blogs submit too! Be sure to check out some of the best and low-cost mics for making an impression! It is also necessary that while you start with your musical journey, you are accompanied by proper microphones too!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get My Music On A Music Blog?

You can send your entries to the above-listed blogs sites!

How Do You Submit Music To Hot New Hip Hop?

You can submit up to one song per day and send them your entries through the mail.

Where Can I Submit My Music?

Sphere hip hop is the best way to submit your music and get recognized globally!

Do Curators Get Paid On SubmitHub?

Curators make a tiny profit of around $0.01-$1 on the premium subscription.

How Do I Contact Music Bloggers?

You can always get in touch with them with the help of a customer support number or emails provided by them!

How Can I Promote My Hip-Hop Music?

Hip Hop music has always been in trend, and the sudden surge has seen increase it more than ever! By submitting your entries at the above-listed blog sites, you can try your luck out!