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How Much Data Does YouTube Use? A Beginner’s Guide

How much data does a 1 hour YouTube video use? How much GB does a 2 hour YouTube video use?

Are you wondering about how much data does YouTube use? As we all know, YouTube is a social platform that has managed to be so important in our lives that it seems impossible to work without it. Be it from our simple task, such as learning how to tie a tie from humongous work such as a building sculpture from scratch, YouTube has got you covered in every way. We are sure while you are watching all these exceptionally interesting edifications, the data usage must have crossed your mind. And that is the reason why we are here to tell you how much data does YouTube use. We will also include some tips and tricks on how you can save your data too! So let us get started without any further delay!

Steps To Know How Much Data Does YouTube Use.

The haunting question of how much data does YouTube use per hour is pretty agitating. And for this, you have landed on a perfect place to check out your data usage on YouTube! Follow the steps written below:-

1 In your mobile, head over to the setting.


2 Click on network and internet


3 Select Mobile network


4 Tap the app data shown on the screen.

Once you select the app data, you can quickly locate YouTube and check how much data does a YouTube video use.

Wasn’t that pretty simple! You can easily follow the above steps. These would help you out for sure!

How To Calculate The Data That Is Being Used By YouTube App?

The kind of video that you stream on YouTube has a significant impact on data consumption. A low-resolution video would actually consume a lesser volume of data as compared to 1080p or 4k videos.

How To Prevent Any App From Using Mobile Data On Android?

The first and foremost solution is to restrict the unwanted apps that actually eat up your battery life and use the data. How can you do that? Well, we are always on standby for your difficulties. Follow these steps to know the quick fix!

1 Head over to your phone settings

step 1

2 Tap network and internet> data usage


3 You can now select each app and see the data used by them


4 These apps will have a background data option. You need to turn that off.

How Much Data Does YouTube tv Use?

If you think the size of the screen increases, the use of data will also increase; you are being misled. The size of the screen that you stream YouTube videos on does not really matter. The whole story is dependent on the type of resolution that you are using.

If you feel that you want to have a realistic view and are watching a 4k video quality on YouTube tv, data consumption will increase. By a large number. The same rule is applied to your phone too. So you don’t need to worry about if YouTube tv uses more data.

How much Data Does YouTube Music Use?


Let us try doing a rough calculation of the above statement. If your video is being streamed at the resolution of 240p, that is used by YT music would be around 150 MB an hour. Similarly, 420p uses the data of 370MB per hour.
The many video qualities such as 720p and 1080p use the YouTube music data from 620MB to 1.1GB per hour.
If your math is strong on point, please feel free to correct us in the comment section below!

Frequently asked questions

Will YouTube Music Use A Lot Of Data?

No. The amount of video quality you use is equivalent to the data you spend

How long Will 1GB Of Data Last On YouTube?

Hmm, with 1GB, you can easily enjoy YouTube for 5 hours.

How Much Data Does YouTube Use 144p Hourly?

The video quality of 144p would use around 3.3MB of data per minute garnished with 200MB data per hour. Good soup.

How Can I Watch YouTube Without Using Data?

Download the YouTube video. You can then easily stream the data in offline mode!

Does YouTube Use More Data Than Netflix?

We can say they have a tie. Even though the bandwidth of Netflix may broadly vary from that of YouTube, you can still enjoy both. At the exact video resolution, of course.


We hope we have solved all your queries on how much data does YouTube use. You can also check out how to stream YouTube in 4k in our blogs section. Happy streaming, folks!