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How To Record Shows On YouTube Tv?

Can you record a series on YouTube TV? How do you record live on YouTube?

Knowing how to record shows on YouTube tv can be of major help. There can be pretty much valid instances where you would want to view a particular scene repeatedly. This feature can also be utilized if your favorite tv show has been taken down from YouTube tv. So without wasting any further time, let us know how to Record shows on YouTube tv.

Steps On How To Record Shows On YouTube Tv.


YouTube has a marvelous feature where you can record your favorite episode movie in the Library. If you may wonder if recording these might eat up your space, don’t worry!  The live recording is pretty much space-friendly and won’t take up your device storage!

The only condition is that to view your recorded program, a stable internet connection is required! Let’s take a look at the steps below!

  1. Tap the plus icon next to the program title


2 This feature will help you to record all of the programs getting casted

3 Once you are on set to view recordings, visit the Library by selecting the library tab


4 That’s it!  Weren’t the steps pretty simple and up to date?

How To Only Record New Shows On YouTube Tv?


Even though YouTube tv has given the workings of recording episodes, you cannot record the new episodes.

How To Record And Delete All Episodes On YouTube Tv?


Once you are done with finishing the shows you have recorded. You can easily delete the same from the YouTube library and click on the delete button.

How To Record Future Shows On YouTube Tv?

even though we know that you are curious to record your new shows on YT tv, Unfortunately we have news for you.  The feature to record future shows is still not available on YT tv. this question has been enquired by many people over time in the forums.

How To Record Live Shows On YouTube TV?

You can follow the above-demonstrated steps on how to follow the live shows on YouTube tv. the will for sure help you out.

Frequently asked questions

Can You Record New Episodes On YouTube Tv?

No, the newly set episodes are not available for the recording option.

Can You Skip Commercials On YouTube TV DVR?

As it is live tv, skipping commercials won’t be possible for the time being

How Long Do Shows Stay Recorded On YouTube TV?

Nine months is the time duration for the shows to stay recorded on YouTube tv


We hope we solved your queries on how to record shows on YouTube tv. Be sure to check out our blog on what are the new features of YouTube tv! See you soon!