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Qatar World Cup: Dates, Stadium, Deaths (Updated)

Is World Cup still in Qatar? Why is Qatar in winter?

The Qatar world cup has again created some drama and hype around the upcoming football matches. While the world cup’s whole existence was based on some fascinating facts, the one which was quite amusing was related to the pregnancies caused after 9 months from the game! If you are eager to learn more about facts about the Qatar world cup, be sure to hang around with us till the very end! With the team getting ready for their qualifiers, we are sure to see some of the best contenders on the field!

Does The Qatar World Cup Have A YouTube Channel?


Undoubtedly, the world cup is one of the events that everyone loves. Holding the tag of the most-watched event, there is no doubt that the management would think about creating multiple income sources! Qatar world cup Fifa TV has always muddled and provided the best services to their fan. From the accommodation set by the organization in Accor to taking proper safety measures, the management ethics have never failed to disappoint us.

What Is FIFA TV?

FIFA 2022

FIFA TV is the most popular channel on YouTube that provides a proper dose of rejuvenation for FIFA lovers! If you need to get hands-on the football and start playing around sitting at home, be sure to watch the FIFA Live streams!

FIFA TV schedule is getting fully packed as they are slowly working on getting more and more live streaming options. From showcasing the spine-chilling qualifier matches in their highlights section, you won’t be able to move from your seat!

What Are The Updates On Qatar World Cup?

When you want to find short and crisp information on the latest news, we have you covered. Following all the updates given by FIFA, many setbacks took a turn before the Qatar world cup. Take a look at the below listed gripping updates!

Why Are The Football Teams Protesting Against Qatar?

If you are not aware of the whole take on the built stadium building, allow us to throw some light! Since Qatar was entrusted with the hosting rights for the tournament, 6,500 workers are dead. These helpers are mostly part of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka!

There have also been formal protests against the working system temperature. The Netherlands team were the star protestors who made it a point to emphasize “HUMAN RIGHT” on their white t-shirts. In response, the Qatar world cup stated that they have always been transparent about the health and well-being of their workers.

Building The Stage For Qatar Final

FIFA 2018 Winne

With the Qatar world cup stadiums getting ready to hold the audience, it’s almost time for D-Day. Located in Lusail, Qatar, the newly built stadium will stand tall to have nearly 80000 people! The stadium is the host for 10 matches, including the final game.

The building is set to be completed by the end of 2021. Inspired by the shape of the Fanar lantern, it is sure to strike an everlasting impression on the audience’s hearts!

Other Football World Cup Stadiums At A Glance

Qatar FIFA 2022

Qatar world cup stadiums are the trending topic for the ending of 2021. With the games that will be played across 8 stadiums, it will surely be pure excitement for FIF! If you wonder about the largest stadium in Qatar, the answer is Lusail Stadium! Take a look at all the stadium names! We will be providing your world cup Qatar stadiums in pictures!

  • Khalifa International stadium located in Doha

Khalifa International Stadiu

  • Al Janoub stadium with a holding capacity of 40,000 located in Wakrah

Al Jounab Stadium

  • Education City stadium

Education City

  • Al Bayt stadium with the completed inauguration located at Al Khor

AL Bayt Stadium

  • Al Rayyan stadium with holding capacity of 40,000

Qatar FIFA Stadium

  • Rad Abu Aboud stadium

Ras Abu

  • Al Thumama stadium

AL Thumama FIFA Stadium

  • Last but not least, Lusail Stadium is located in Lusail City!

Lusail Stadium

Even though the stadium is majestic, they also saw a backlash on Qatar World Cup Stadiums deaths.

What Are Some Of The Best FIFA World Cup Facts You Need To Know?

Take a look at some of the major attractions of the FIFA World Cup!

3 Million Bottles Were Used In World Cup Stadiums

One thing to notice, every enjoyment starts with drinks and food! And the best celebrations begin with glass on board! It was noted that almost more than 3 million bottles of alcohol were found in the stadium!

Hired By More Than 17 Nations

The 21 editions have been hosted in 17 nations:

  • Uruguay
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • South Africa
  • West Germany
  • Brazil
  • Sweden
  • Chile
  •  England
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • France
  • United States of America
  • and South Korea Japan
  • Germany
  • Russia.

The next edition will be in Qatar, while 2026 will be hosted by three nations – The United States of America, Canada, and Mexico.

FIFA To Be The Most Expensive World Cup Ever

Qatar FIFA World Cup

Qatar is spending a whopping $200 billion on infrastructure projects, including the construction of stadiums, highways, hotels, etc. This eventually led to Qatar’s FIFA World Cup, one of the most expensive world cups till now! You can give out information on the latest updates on your channel which will help you to gain free views! 


We hope you found this helpful blog helpful on the Qatar world cup. If you are a football fan and interested in NFL RedZone, be sure to get your hands on YouTube tv!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did FIFA Get Its Name?

The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) comes packed with more than 209 members. They stand a tough competition to the rivalries of the United Nations by becoming the most prestigious soccer organization to date.

Who Started FIFA?

FIFA was founded by the national associations of Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Spain Respectively.

What Was The 1st FIFA Game?

FIFA started with International Soccer. EA Sports was the one who created a handful of additions.

Where Is FIFA Most Popular?

FIFA is the most popular in the United States!

How Many Teams Are There In FIFA?

There are almost 211 teams under the FIFA  federation.