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How To Fix Screen Share iOS 15 Not Working/Loading/Error?

How do I enable screen sharing in iOS? Why is my share play not working on iPhone?

A user of iOS 15? Well, if you are, you might have seen that screen share iOS 15 not working sometimes! This is the central issue faced by many people who use the facetime app! Did you know that Apple’s new features are actually packed with top-quality productivity? This blog will talk about screen share play and how you can fix it! So, without further delay, let’s start with screen share iOS 15 not working!

How To Deal With Screen Share iOS 15 Not Working?

iOS 15 Screen Share Not Working

iOS 15 always comes up with new things that make the user experience more friendly. With the new share play, you can easily share your screens with others to watch movies and listen to songs! In addition, you can do all the things while being on FaceTime! We think it is an excellent step amidst the ongoing pandemic where we are bored at home! Also, you can fix the ios 15 facetime screen share not showing if it application crashes by your home’s comfort!

What Is FaceTime SharePlay?

facetime iOS 15 not working
Source https://www.theverge.com/2021/6/11/22526742/apple-facetime-shareplay-ios-15-watch-party

Screen Share is a feature that allows you to stream all the movies, reels or any other entertainment method on FaceTime. When the new iOS 15 rolled out, this feature might test your patience just a little bit.

Why Is Screen Share Not Working On FaceTime?

Screen Share Not Working On FaceTime

While you enjoy the benefits of the newly updated work, there are some setbacks. The issues of iPhone facetime share play are as follows!

  • Screen freezing
  • The screen goes blank when you call someone
  • Voice control issues for FaceTime screen share
  • FaceTime is not able to work when you save a name with emoji
  • Your internet connection can play as a barrier when you are in a wrong reception area
  • Bug links for iOS 15 can also be a cause for not working of screen share face time

How To Fix Screen Share iOS 15 Not Working?

There are many ways to make your facetime time screen work! Follow the below listed hacks to know more. After you have done a quick check, read on to understand how screen share ios 15 not working! Sometimes we feel, that android is still managing to work better than iOS!

Force Start The iPhone

Can't Share Screen on FaceTime iOS 15

Force starting half of the time can solve all the issues related to screen sharing not working on FaceTime. This can easily fix the problem if you can’t share the screen on FaceTime iOS 15.

Force-restart iPhone 8 or Later

  1. Press the phone’s Up Volume button. Release it
  2. Press the Power On/Off button. Hold it until the Apple logo comes up.
  3. Your iPhone restarts

Force-restart iPhone 7/7 Plus

  1. Press the Power On/Off button and hold it.
  2. Simultaneously hold the Down Volume button and hold it.
  3. Hold the two buttons for 10 seconds

Force-restart an iPhone 6s or Earlier Model

  1. Press the On-Off button and hold it.
  2. Press the Home control button and hold it
  3. Hold the two buttons for 10 seconds

Connecting to better wifi can help to get screen share working

Screen Share Option Not Showing

Outstanding internet connectivity is a great way to make your face time work a great deal! You just need to head over to settings and tap on wifi. From there, you can choose the more robust network to connect to! The better the network, the better your Facetime time call! You can ease your time with iOS 15 screen share now!

What To Do When Screen Share Option Not Showing On iOS 15.0.1?

You need to make sure that the version you are using is iOS 15 to make the option of FaceTime screen share work! In the model of iOS 15.0.1, you cannot access the feature as it is not included!

What Is Screen Share On FaceTime iPhone Update?

iOS screen share not showing

With the newly rolled iOS 15, you can access the screen on Facetime without any issues! You just need to start the Facetime call > tap on share content> and select Share My Screen.

How Do You Do FaceTime Audio On iOS 15?

If you trying to find ways to do the face time audio on iOS 15, follow the steps below!

  1. Swipe up from the bottom edge of FaceTime
  2. Open the streaming app
  3. Play a song or an album
  4. Tap on SharePlay when prompted!

FaceTime share play is a great way to catch up with your friends and learn new things about them!


We hope we have solved the queries on-screen share iOS 15 not working! It is for sure that these hacks can help you fix the issue of iOS screen share not showing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques.1. Does iOS 15.1 have a screen share?

SharePlay allows you to share your screen during a FaceTime chat, allowing you to include applications, websites, and more in the conversation.

  • Your screen will display in the FaceTime conversation for everyone to watch.
  • To share an app in a call, go to the Home Screen and launch it.

Ques.2. How do I enable screen sharing in iOS?

  1. Navigate to Settings > Control Center on your iOS device
  2. Scroll down to the More Controls area and press the Plus button next to the Screen Recording option.
  3. The Screen Recording option will then appear in the Include section.
  4. The iOS device may now begin transmitting its screen to other applications.

Ques.3 Why is screen share not working on FaceTime?

A significant cause of iOS 15 Facetime Screen Share Not Working is a poor internet connection. You can check your router and switch it on and off if the problem persists! Switching to mobile data is also a good option if wifi is not working!

  • The iOS 15 beta 6 release is the last explanation.
  • If you have updated to version 6, You might not be able to use the screen-sharing capability since Apple has disabled it.