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Best Fix For YouTube Music Recap Not Working

Does YouTube Music have a wrapped 2023? Will YouTube Music do a wrapped?

Is your YouTube music recap not working? Well, that is sad. YouTube Music, right after Spotify, is the most famous music streaming application. Many people listen to YouTube Music daily, as it features ad-free music, background plays, and much more in its paid subscription! With the new addition, such as YouTube Music Recap, people can see their music preferences evolve over the years.

However, some problems are faced where the users have reported YouTube Music Recap not working issues. If you face the same, stay with us until the end as we give you the best troubleshooting tips to solve this issue!

What Is YouTube Music Recap?

YouTube Music Recaps are playlists that include the top songs and artists you hear yearly. The playlist is curated based on your listening history. The tracks and artists you listened to most of the year appear on the list. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you delete your YouTube Music listening history or YouTube watch history, you won’t get the Recap you would have anticipated. So don’t turn off your watch history on YouTube, and wait till the end of the year to get your Recap!

How To Fix YouTube Music Recap Not Working?YouTube Music Recap

Are you wondering why is YouTube music not working? According to Google’s support team, users must meet specific criteria to access YouTube Music Recap. They are elaborated below.

  • You need at least 10 hours of music listening time for the app across YouTube platforms to fetch your music preferences.
  • You should use the latest updated version of the YT music app.
  • Another factor for the YouTube Music recap not loading is that the feature might not have been rolled out in your region.
  • The top solution is closing the app from the recent multi-tasking window. After this, you need to reload the whole thing.
  • You can also try accessing the web version of YT Music to fix the YouTube Music Recap not showing issue.
  • Experiment with a different web browser interface. Sometimes, using a different interface might fix the problem of the YouTube recap not showing.

If you feel that your YT music is not showing, there is nothing to worry about. There are instances where people get confused about whether there is an issue with their mobile devices or a technical issue with YouTube.

Does YouTube Music Have A Recap?

YouTube music recap

Yes! If you are an Android or iOS user, you can get unlimited access to the Recap of YT music. There can be issues where your throwback of YouTube music not working, but all you need to do is follow the above-listed steps to troubleshoot the problem. You might wonder why YouTube music is not working for you or why you can’t get a recap. But following the steps above, you can easily reach your Recap for 2022 and even for 2023!


Your YouTube Music Recap not working issue might be solved since you have implemented the steps highlighted above. YT Music has rolled out its latest app version’s excellent music recap feature. However, to benefit from this feature, you must stream music from YT platforms rather than download songs or other third-party music streaming apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How Do I See My YouTube Music Recap?

When you open your web browser, you must head to music.youtube.com and sign in. After this, select your profile picture and head to ‘Your Channel.’ You should see a ‘Your Recap‘ shelf. Click this to see your 2022 Recap playlist.

Q.2 Does YouTube Music Have An End Of The Year Stats?

Recap is a feature in YouTube Music that allows users to see their favorite artists, songs, music videos, and playlists from the previous year. You can find your recaps in the profile section of YouTube Music.

Q.3 How Does YouTube Music Recap Work?

If your YouTube music recap not showing, here is all you need to make your recap work:

  • According to Google’s support team, users must meet specific criteria to access YouTube Music Recap. Take a look at them below.
  • Users can access the YouTube Music app on Android and iOS devices.
  • You have to listen to music for at least more than 10 hours, and that is how the system can fetch your music preferences.

Q.4 How can I check if YouTube Music Recap is available in my region?

You can simply go to the app and search for “2023 Recap”. You will get your Recap of the past year if it’s available.

Q.5 Can I request technical support from YouTube if my YouTube Music Recap is not working?

You can follow the troubleshooting steps to get your YouTube Music recap in case any other method does not work.

Q.6 Is YouTube music recap available for all users?

Users with settings to automatically remove activity older than three months will not have access to Recap. Here, you may learn more about your YouTube Watch History options. Recap might not be accessible if you often listen to music Made for Kids.

Q.7 Can Recap issues be related to privacy or account settings?

There is a possibility that your privacy or account settings are at the root of the YouTube Music Recap problems. Review your account settings and make sure they enable customized recommendations.

Q.8 Are there alternative ways to view my music listening history of Recap is not working?

Yes, if YouTube Music Recap is not working, you can view your music listening history in the YouTube Music app. Navigate to your Library, then tap “History” to see your recent activity.