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YouTube Tests AI Generated Live Chat Summaries And Channel QR Codes

Since AI is in demand, YouTube doesn’t want to miss any chance of using it to create new features. Now, YouTube is testing a feature in favor of viewers who love to watch live videos. The AI-generated features are called live chat summaries on YouTube and channel QR code. Does that sound vague? Let us explain.

YouTube Experimenting Live Chat Summaries And Channel QR Codes For Users

youtube-live chat-summaries

YouTueb is currently testing two AI-generated features: Chat Summaries and Channel QR Codes. According to the giant video-sharing platform, these features are in the testing phase.

YouTube AI live chat summaries are as they sound. When viewers go to a live stream session to join, most of the time, they aren’t aware of the discussion going on in the session, especially if they join between the streaming. This feature fills the void here. Live chat summaries give concise text pop-ups on the screen, which tell the viewers what the conversation is about. This will help viewers decide if they want to be a part of the discussion or leave the chat.

“To help you more quickly understand and participate in the exciting conversations that happen via live chat, we’re experimenting with AI-generated live chat summaries,” YouTube said.

The live chat summary box on YouTube keeps updating based on the most recent conversation happening in the live stream session.

Nobody has ever thought something like this could exist, but yes, here it is! Channel QR codes are meant to make it easier for users to find your channel through the code. The old method of sharing your channel was sharing the link, but now we have more advanced options like QR codes. The code can be shared by both the creator and users.


YouTube has developed two new AI features, live chat summaries, and channel QR codes, to make users’ lives easier. These features are still being experimented with, so many of you cannot see them on the platform. If you want to share someone’s YouTube channel with your friend or promote yours on social media platforms, go to their channel page and click on the share channel icon under the more option.