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YouTube Testing Out The Feature That Will Help To Reply To A Super Chat Messages

You will be able to reply to Super Chat messages soon!

Early last week, YouTube came up with a Dream Track feature. Currently, YouTube is testing out the ability to reply to Super chat messages. But whether all or just the creator can reply to the messages? Let’s find out.

YouTube Begins To Test “Reply To Super Chat Messages” Feature

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YouTube announced a new feature allowing users to reply to Super Chat messages in a live session. Right now, only a small group of people have access to YouTube Super Chats as it is in the testing phase.

However, the platform announced that it will completely roll out the feature very soon. You can either wait for that to happen or update the application to see if you can reply to the messages in the live session.

If you get the feature on your device, it will let you reply to Super Chat messages you have received from viewers. You can show your gratitude in a few words.

Superchat messages are the star of live sessions! When a user buys and sends one, the message gets pinned and highlighted for everyone to see. Users usually apply this trick to support their favorite creators and attract their attention. The Super Chats stick at the top of the chats for up to 5 hours.


Now you know everything about the new Super Chat reply feature. It is one of the ways to monetize your YouTube channel if you are a member of a YouTube partner program. Viewers support their creators by purchasing and sending Super Chats. If you are a new YouTuber who hasn’t met the YPP threshold yet, you must promote video on YouTube to increase your channel’s subscribers.