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7 Tips To Get Free YouTube Views On Your Channel

Get views on YouTube for free using these 7 hacks.

Having a sprawling YouTube career is a dream of many. And although every YouTuber has their own idealogy, creative capabilities, and promotional methods, they all ideally have one thing in common. Every YouTuber is constantly pondering, “How can we get free YouTube views on the Internet?” While this may sound superficial, it’s entirely possible!
There are two very authentic ways how you can get unrestricted YouTube views:

  1. Organic views – (the non-paid views that you generate organically by yourself)
  2. Inorganic Views – (the paid views facility made available through YT paid ads and digital marketing agencies.)

7 Tips On How To Get Free YouTube Views

When you examine the top trending YouTube videos and channels, you will notice that they all have two things in common.

7 Tips On How To Get Free YouTube Views

For starters, they always keep their promises and values. Two, they are strategic in their approach. Third, you don’t become a YouTube sensation overnight. It takes time and perseverance.

1. Using Custom Thumbnails

Custom Thumbnails

According to YouTube, custom thumbnails are used in 9 out of 10 of the most-viewed YouTube videos. A thumbnail that matches with your channel’s aesthetics immediately engages viewers and tells them what your video is about. Also, you can optimize your Thumbnails according to the latest trending keywords.

2. Use The Trendy Keywords In Video Descriptions

The purpose of the video description is to provide people with a detailed account of your videos. Additionally, the report assists YouTube search engines in selecting your content for relevant searches. Using keywords in your descriptions can help viewers find your videos more easily through search.
Experts advise using keywords relevant to your content and tags so that search engines and people can find you in the first place.

3. Descriptive Keyword Driven Video Titles

Descriptive Keyword Driven Video Titles

Placing the right keyword in your video titles can make your videos appear in YouTube search suggestions, which will get you more organic views. Also, Descriptive video titles on YouTube make it easier for viewers to understand what the video is about.

4. Stick To Your Niche

Making videos based on your interest is more fun than making trending videos. Of course, you need to follow trends, but stick to your topic and follow the directions within your niche.

For example, suppose your YouTube channel is dedicated to digital marketing. In that case, you should focus on following the trends in the digital marketing industry and make more videos around them rather than other sections like tech or travel.

5. Share Your Videos On Social Media

If you have been in the content game for long enough, you know how social media is the base of marketing and getting free YouTube views on videos. So, share every content you post on your YouTube channel with a link on all the other social media platforms and promote your channel.

6. Collaboration Equals To Free YouTube Views

When you collaborate with other creators in your field, you gain access to their target audience, and in turn, you get free YouTube views. Collaboration yields positive results, but it is not without difficulty. So here’s what you have to do:

  1. First, find the right people to work with.
  2. Contact them.
  3. Allow them to comprehend and provide compelling reasons why they should collaborate.
  4. Make videos together.
  5. Share.

7. Listen To Your Audience

Listen To Your Audience

Last but not least, When you know that your audience is the crucial part of your YouTube channel, hearing them out and making videos on what they want to know must be at the top of your list. Also, when you give your audience what they want, you will eventually see an increase in your YouTube views for free.


We have given you the best 7 tips to get free YouTube views. Paid ideas work to an extent, but even once YouTube notices that your channel is messing with the opinions in an inorganic way, you may have consequences for not following YouTube Community and monetization guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Optimize Youtube Channel For Free Views?

Here are 5 ways you can optimize your YouTube Channel to get free views

  1. Keep track of your audience metrics
  2. Promote Your YouTube Channel on the Community Tab
  3. To increase views, experiment with YouTube shorts.
  4. Interact with your Target Audience Frequently
  5. Focus on being Original

Q2. How Do I SEO My YouTube Channel?

Here are 8 ways to improve your SEO on your YouTube channel to get free views.

  1. First, conduct keyword research.
  2. Choose keywords with a high potential for reach.
  3. Use a catchy video title.
  4. Make tags for the video.
  5. Make clever descriptions.
  6. Change the filename.
  7. Create video transcriptions and captions.
  8. Produce longer videos.

Q3. How Do I Rank My Video To Get Free YouTube Views?

Put the most essential information, including the keyword, at the beginning of your title. The most crucial factor in ranking YouTube videos is keywords. Consider the question you’re answering with your video when choosing keywords. These are the keywords that people will enter into Google or YouTube searches.

Q4. Why Is My YouTube Video Not Increasing In Views?

If your views are not increasing, one crucial factor to consider is a low retention rate. A retention rate indicates how many people abandoned your videos in the middle. It is unsuitable for your channel if people leave your videos in the middle.