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How To Increase Your YouTube View Count

How many times can you view a YouTube video? How to get 4000 YouTube watch hours fast

Have you seen a decline in your YouTube view count lately? Or has it been stagnant for a long time? Unfortunately, both these scenarios aren’t a good sign for your channel’s growth. YouTube defines a view as an action taken by a viewer to watch a video intentionally. It is also an engagement metric that shows the performance of your video.

Likes, dislikes, and subscribers are the other kind of engagement metrics that can be measured through YouTube Analytics. Here’s how you can kickstart your engagement metrics and increase your YouTube view count.

Top 3 ways to increase YouTube view count

Unique video ideas

YouTube has become a very competitive space for creators. It’s important to come up with unique ideas to grow your channel and increase your viewership. Many creators put out their best ideas to get more subscribers and stop once they have a good number. This practice is the reason behind a plateaued view count.

YouTube users get bored quickly, and with so many other options on the platform, it’s easy for them to switch to another channel. You need to constantly come up with new ideas to keep them engaged and entertained. That doesn’t need you need not step out of your channel’s niche; you can simply enhance the concept with an alternative idea.

Grow your audience

YouTube isn’t the only place for you to grow your audience. Of course, you can create trailers and channel art to promote your videos. But you can always use other social media platforms for video promotion. You can create snippets of your videos and intrigue your audience across all social media platforms. Remember to share the link to your videos to redirect traffic from other platforms to YouTube.

Another way to grow your audience and promote your videos are through online promotion services. Sometimes, it is difficult to reach the right audience, even with great content. This is where real online promotional services step in to help you do so. Here are the Best YouTube Promotion Services we could round up to increase your view count.

Edit your old title and description

Lastly, editing some aspects from your old videos is a great way too. First, round up the videos that haven’t performed well compared to the others. Then, edit their title and description to something more catchy, and don’t forget your keywords. Also, try changing your thumbnail to grab more attention.

Compare your old videos to the ones at are performing really well. Examine each detail and apply them to your old videos. You can see how they perform after the edits through Analytics.

So use these tips if your YouTube view count has been constant for a while. It will help boost your channel and grow your audience. Leverage your other social media handles to drive traffic to your YouTube channel and keep analyzing your videos to understand your audience better.