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How to Increase YouTube Views?

How do I increase YouTube views for free? Tips on How To Get More Views on YouTube for Free

Competition has been growing on YouTube now. More than 500 hours of videos are uploaded every hour on YouTube. If you have just started your YouTube channel, you need to be patient to get views on YouTube videos. If you already have enough subscribers and yet you aren’t getting enough views on your videos, you can buy YouTube views. I would suggest you build your YouTube channel and gain subscribers organically. Here are few tips to increase YouTube views organically.

Best tips to increase YouTube views

Use these tips to get more views on your YouTube videos

Enable Autoplay and make playlists

If you already have enough videos on your YouTube channel, you can arrange your videos in a playlist according to the related content in the videos. You can also enable the autoplay option on your videos. Your videos will be played automatically to all your viewers. This will gain you more views on all your videos.

Collaborate with YouTube creators


Knowing the YouTube creators can be very beneficial for your channel growth and to get more views. Invite YouTube influencers on your channel, this will attract a lot of views from their viewers. You might also get more subscribers to your channel. You can even cross-promote your videos.

Work on your video’s search ranking

Well… You now know that YouTube is the world’s second and is owned by the best search engine in the world! Ranking your videos on YouTube might be a little challenging, but once you know how to use SEO for your benefit, you will be ruling the ‘search results on YouTube. Your title, your video description, and tags play a very important role in getting more YouTube views. Optimize your title and description by using keywords.

Share snippets on your Social media

Social media is the best place to make anything go viral! Upload short snippets of your video on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and ask your viewers to check the entire video on your YouTube channel. You can also upload ‘behind the scenes’ ‘props used while shooting’ or ‘the products that were used in your video’ to make things exciting for your viewers.

Make content that interests your audience

If you need an audience to watch your videos, you definitely should give them a good reason to stay hooked to your channel. Make videos that educate them or help them to get solutions to their issues. You can also add fun factors to your videos to make them exciting and interesting. Try engaging with your audience to understand what they are interested in watching. Get to know your audience by engaging with them in the comment section or you can also conduct live streams.

Get your videos on the ‘suggested video’ list

Previously, YouTube suggested views on the basis of views a video receives. Since the competition is growing on YouTube, many YouTube creators buy YouTube views! But YouTube’s algorithm is different since it started suggesting videos to its users on the basis of engagement. You can still get views on your videos by using tags and keywords your competitors use to gain more views on your videos.