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Is Tokyo Really Dead ? Money Heist season 5 becomes a viral trend.

Money Heist season 5 part 1: Who dies?

If Tokyo is dead then how is she narrating the story?

The first part of Money Heist Season 5 is out and the five-episode volume is explosive, to say the least. We knew the war was coming but we certainly weren’t ready for the cost. The heart-wrenching climax left Tokyo dead and the fans in tears.

The fans flocked to Twitter to share their experience and feelings about the gripping mid-season finale. Unsurprisingly, Money heist once again started trending on Twitter.

Money heist is currently the hottest content topic out there. YouTube creators and Digital marketers should make the most out of this opportunity. With the shocking death of Tokyo played by Úrsula Corberó in season 5, the trend is nowhere near over, social media is going to be abuzz with money heist fans desperately searching for anything they could find to make sense of this astounding new development.

Is Tokyo dead? Money Heist Season 5 Ending Explained

The heartbreaking finale of Money heist season 5, volume 1, will be forever imprinted in our brains. The creators of the show never cease to shock its viewers with unfathomable twists and turns.

The only thing the fans were utterly certain about was that Tokyo survives the heist to tell the tale. As she is the narrator of the show, nobody saw her tragic death coming. Money heist has yet again proved, they are the masters.

  • The plot briskly graduates as Sagasta’s army aggressively attacks the Professor’s gang; Tokyo, Denver, and Manilla get trapped in the kitchen.
  • As Sagasta’s men drill the pantry wall to breach their defense, Tokyo and Denver reach the pantry and shoot the drillers in the leg, which immobilizes them.
  • But this betrays their exact location to Sagasta, leading him to order the snipers to focus their fire on the pantry window.
  • Denver narrowly escapes the shooting, but Tokyo didn’t share Denver’s luck. She is caught in the line of fire, leaving her severely injured. The bulletproof vest saves all her vital organs. However, her limbs are severely injured, leaving her immobile.

Tokyo dead in money heist season 5

  • Denver and manila successfully escape the kitchen through the waitering shaft as Sagasta and Gandia breach the pantry wall.
  • Tokyo, given her injuries, couldn’t escape through the shaft, leaving her exposed to enemy fire. Rio, on the other hand, is determined to get to her ladylove.
  • Using a jackhammer, Rio attempts to break a hole in the kitchen floor. But due to the time restraint, he could only make a hole big enough to hold her hand as she inevitably sweeps closer to her death.
  • The audience is left sobbing when Tokyo says goodbye to the man she loves.

But nothing is easy where Tokyo is considered, as she is shot multiple times, leaving her moribund on the floor. Gandia stands over her bloody flailing body when Tokyo winks at him and dramatically reveals the unpinned grenades hung to her chest. The midseason finale ends with Tokyo’s heroic death and the gang members reacting to this heartbreaking news.

Tokyo is Dead and These Were Her Last Words:

As Tokyo realizes she is trapped and outgunned, the fierce fighter decides to take the enemy down with her. While Denver and the professor beg her over the radio to jump through the shaft, she utters her final words to the professor, “You have always been my guardian angel, Now it’s my turn to be yours.”

Just like her character, her last words were epic! We won’t be able to forget either, any time soon.

Does Gandia die in Money Heist Season 5 Volume 1 Finale?

It seems like Gandia died in the explosion that Tokyo heroically orchestrated. Killing Gandia and a huge part of Sagasta’s army with her was in a way Tokyo’s act of redemption.

Money Heist Season 5 trends on social media

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Is Tokyo dead?

Yes, she most likely is, but we need to wait till 3rd December to know for sure. The farfetched hope that she is alive will help us stay sane till volume 2 graces our screens.

But for all the YouTube creators out there, this is a gold mine of content. Dig in and get your share of the gold.