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YouTube Troubleshoot: How to Deal With YT TV Problems in 2023

Why is my YouTube TV not working? Why does YouTube keep buffering on my smart TV?

If you are searching for YouTube, troubleshoot, then you must be facing YouTube TV problems. If you want to discontinue using the cable cords and are looking out for live streaming platforms, we are sure you must have considered the other platforms and ended up purchasing YT TV. So do not think of replacing YouTube TV as it is the best streaming right now.

Fixing the YouTube TV problems can be really easy, and we are here to provide you with all the information you need. Here are some YouTube troubleshoot solutions that you should try.

YouTube TV problems: Ways to Fix the YouTube Troubleshoot


Close & Restart YouTube TV

Close the YouTube TV app and restart it; you can watch your video again after restarting the app.

Restart your device

Press the power button to turn off your device, then wait until 30 seconds, Now you can restart your device to YouTube troubleshoot.

Check for the app or device updates

  • Check your device if it has the latest updates.
  • Also, check if your YouTube app is of the latest available version. If not, then update the newest YouTube TV app.

Uninstall & reinstall the YouTube TV app

The YouTube TV problems occur due to some glitches in your device or in the app. Hence you can uninstall the YT TV app on your device and reinstall the app. Once you reinstall the YouTube TV app, you need to sign in.

Now try watching your video again after this YouTube TV Troubleshooting.

Ways to fix the YouTube Sound Problem

Check Volume settings

The first thing to check is the volume settings of your device. Check and make sure that your device speakers are not muted or at the lowest volume setting. It is one of the common problems behind the sound issue. Also, check the configuration settings of your device speakers. For example, sometimes the Volume Mixer slider is at the lowest possible setting, and thus we don’t see a mute button or icon on the speaker.

To open sound settings

Right-click on the volume icon on the taskbar

click on the “Open Sound Settings” option in the menu.

Update your browser For YouTube Troubleshoot


The second reason for this error could be your web browser. Such an error occurs when your browser is not updated to the latest version. So, if you are facing this no sound error, try updating your browser and check if the issue is resolved.

Close running programs

Sometimes, the other multimedia programs open on your device may cause this error on YouTube. Try closing all the running programs and check if the issue resolves. It is because the audio driver is already in use, and YouTube might not be able to use it.

Clear browser cache


While this is not the reason, most of the time, the cache files, cookies, and temporary internet files stored on your device may also lead to this error. Clear all cache files and temporary files, and it may help resolve this issue.

Update your Sound Card driver

If you are generally facing no sound issues on your Windows PC, update your Sound Card driver and Then, restart your device after updating the sound card.

Bluetooth and Headphones


Are you trying to listen to YT TV over Bluetooth? Then you need to check if your Bluetooth device is turned on or is working correctly. After that, you can simply turn off Bluetooth or restart it and try to reconnect. If this YouTube troubleshooting technique doesn’t work, you can need to unpair the headphones and then pair them again.

You simply need to go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth and other devices to go on or off the Bluetooth. Use the toggle button on and off, and the listed device will help you pair or unpair.

If it is not connected, you can click on the Connect button and follow the on-screen instruction.


Now that you know how easy the YouTube troubleshoot solutions can be, try to fix the issues yourself. In addition, we’ll be coming up with other YT TV problems that you might be facing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my YouTube TV not working?

Check if you have the latest version of the YouTube TV app; if not, you need to update it. If the issue still prevails, you need to uninstall and reinstall the app.

Why does my YouTube TV keep freezing?

The most common problem regarding your YouTube TV freezing will be your unstable internet. The required speed should be more than 3 Mbps.

How do you reset YouTube TV?

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Under the TV option, click on Apps.
  3. Choose Youtube
  4. Clear Data and click OK

Why does my YouTube TV keep saying no internet connection?

The internet connectivity might be inferior, or the software or device might be outdated. Hence, you need to check if your system is connected to the Wi-Fi and if the internet is working fine.