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YouTube TV Black Friday: The Biggest Deals in 2022

YouTube TV: Intro $.99 per month/channel pricing on add-ons? YouTube TV Now $14.99 For First Month - The TV Answer Man?

Who is not excited about the YouTube TV Black Friday? If you want to cut your cable cords, then today is the day! But, if you are looking out for the best live TV streaming platforms, you must try YouTube TV! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to know more about the YouTube TV black Friday sale!

What is the YouTube TV Black Friday Deal 2022?


So if you are a new subscriber to YT TV, then this streaming platform is offering you the most prominent YT TV black Friday deal 2022! You just have to pay $14.99 only for the first month of your service! Yes, you read that right! You are going to get $50 off on your first-month plan! Isn’t that the best YT TV black Friday sale?

YouTube TV black Friday sale

Usually, if you join the YT TV subscription, you need to pay $64.99 to begin the YouTube TV subscription.


But the YouTube TV black Friday sale gives you the best deal ever that is $50 off! The time limit is not specified; hence you need to avail of this offer as soon as possible!

There is no YT TV black Friday promo code available. You just have to enter the Zip code of your area, to see the area line up on the basis of availability.


Grab the best YT TV Black Friday deal 2023 today and get $50 off on your first month’s subscription. But you need to remember that this is only available for new subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is YouTube TV monthly?

you can use the YouTube TV services free for the first seven days. Its monthly package starts at $64.99. But the YT TV black Friday sale is giving you $50 off for the first month of your subscription

Is YouTube TV free with Amazon Prime?

No YouTube TV is not free with Amazon Prime.

How much does YouTube TV really cost?

YouTube TV costs $64.99 per month. But if you are a new subscriber to this streaming platform then you just have to pay $14.99 for the first month of subscription. But the black Friday sale is for a limited time.

How many channels does YouTube TV have?

YouTube TV has 85 channels.