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Wipe Out Your Community Guideline Strikes With New YouTube Update

Here's everything you need to know about YouTube community guideline update.

YouTube community guidelines and policies have been stringent from the beginning. This video-sharing platform ensures that it protects viewers from watching harmful and damaging content. But sometimes, YouTube restricts some content unintentionally. Therefore, YT will now roll out a new update that will educate the content creators to avoid strikes.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new YouTube community guidelines update to help creators avoid strikes.

YouTube Update To Community Guidelines Warning

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YouTube has introduced a new policy that lets creators remove the community guidelines warning by taking an educational training course. Contents that violates policies like scam, spam, copyright infringement, and violent/graphic content used to be struck by YouTube.

The strikes used to snatch the ability to publish monetized videos. If a channel has received multiple strikes in line, YouTube used to terminate the channel. This used to happen because of a lack of knowledge among the creators.

Therefore, YouTube’s new tool takes the educational training course of the creator to make them understand why their content is restricted.

YouTube will now allow the creators to take up a training course after they receive a warning for violating the policy for the first time. If the creator doesn’t violate the policy in the next 90 days, YouTube will remove the warning from their channel.

A Brief Overview Of The Training Courses

The training course will help the creator understand what type of content violates the YT policies. There are various community guidelines, and remembering all of them might be challenging while you create content. Therefore, YouTube will educate the content creators with educational videos about the policy that they might have fragmented.

Will YouTube New Policy Change Community Guidelines?

No, YT states that this policy is not going to change the community guidelines. This will just help the content creators to have a better understanding of the policies.

YouTube will still continue to remove content that violates its policies. Also, YouTube will terminate the channel that has received three strikes within 90 days


Now you know that there are no amendments made to the YouTube community guidelines. But YT allows you to clear strikes if you receive any on your videos. The dedication course after they receive a strike will help content creators avoid getting terminated by YouTube.