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YouTube Plans To Remove Ad Controls For Content Creators

With this upcoming change in November, YouTubers wont be able to control the for of ads they wan to run over long-form videos.

As a creator on YouTube, you have control over the ads run over your videos. You want your viewers to watch your content without the Ads interruption, and that is why creators have control over the Ads format on YT Studio. But soon, there will be a notable change to the Ad control, as YT decides to remove ad control on YouTube. Here’s everything you need to know about the new update.

YouTube Is Removing Some Ad Controls For Creators

YT Ads

In the upcoming month, there are two significant changes to the ad control on YT that content creators will witness:

  • Control over Ads before and after long-form videos.
  • Mid-roll Ads

Ad Control Over Long-form Videos

Firstly, content creators will only be able to choose if they want to run ads before or after the long-form videos. But they can no longer control whether they want to run pre-roll, post-roll, skippable, or non-skippable ads.

Mid-roll Ads

  1. For mid-roll ads, YouTube is introducing a few new options. While a content creator is live streaming, they will be able to see a 60-second countdown before the ad turns up.
  2. They can also skip the ad if they do not want the ad to interrupt their live streaming. Also, while hosting live streams, creators can delay mid-roll ads for 10 minutes.
  3. In the upcoming months, creators also get to choose between automated mid-roll ad breaks and manually selected ones. If the ads are skipped or delayed, YouTubers can use the insert ads button to manually insert a mid-roll ad whenever they want.
  4. Currently, YouTubers have two options to determine when the mid-roll ads will appear in their long-form videos, which include automated ad breaks recommended by YT and manual ad breaks that the creators set. But now, there will be a third option available in the coming months, where creators will be able to combine both options.

The video-sharing platform is also rolling out new revenue information in YouTube Analytics to display the ad revenue that creators have earned from live streaming and ad revenue earned from live replays.


As YT decides to remove ad control on YouTube, content creators might wonder how is this going to affect their earnings. But YouTube says that is not going to be a big deal for content creators as they have many of these ad formats turned on by default. Lately, the platform has been experimenting with ads, which is one of the major sources of generating revenue. One of these experiments includes introducing longer but less frequent ads on YouTube TV.