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How To Fix iPhone Storage Not Loading/Showing?

Why is my storage full when I have nothing? Why does my iPhone storage keep filling up?

Are you tired because iPhone storage not loading? Being an iOS user, this issue can be seen significantly! You can see that the storage graph is actually stuck on calculating category sizes for a long time. If you resonate with this, then welcome to our blogLet’s’s get started on how to fix iPhone storage not loadinwon’t’t load for iOS devices!

Why Is Your iPhone Storage Not Loading?

iPhone storage not loading

When the iOS 15 went into beta testing, many people faced this issue. There can also be chances when iPhone shows you incorrect accountings for the deleted files in its memory. You might also notice that your storage is whole after deleting data also. Or your iPhone is not showing categories that you might need at times. The quick way to fix the issue of insufficient storage available is to clear out the cache.

How to fix iPhone storage not showing?

iPhone storage not loading

iPhone storage glitch can be solved in the following ways!

Force quit your settings.

Things work well when you force quit the settings after the phone is stuck. All you need to do is head to app switcher>settings>homescreen>general>iphone storage.

Connect your iPhone to your laptop

iPhone storage glitch

Are you still unable to load storage info on iPhone 12 and higher versions? Then you can try this hack! You now need a Laptop and a cable. Plugin the cable to iPhone and sync your iOS device with the same. This should mostly fix the iPhone storage bug.

Check your deleted files.

Is your device showing you incorrect calculated data when it cannot register that deleted files are no more available? Your deleted media files are moved to the recently deleted photos folder. You will now need to delete these photos from the recently deleted folder to save files on your apple device.

Why is my iPhone storage not accurate?

iPhone storage not loading

Do you check work-related emails and download images from those to your device, you can get a large amount of space by deleting all the previous images. Also, search for PDF files and other documents related to work projects already completed. Most of these are usually stored in the Downloads section of your iPhone, and you can select them individually. You can also fix this when your loading iPhone storage takes forever.

Removing unimportant video files regularly helps prevent problems with processing time, which sometimes happen when your iOS device is slowed down by too many media files. You can easily schedule a regular time for this and help to keep your iPhone in good working condition. Go through work-related materials, ensuring that you only keep those necessary and thathey’rere password protected.

Why is my iPhone storage filling up?

The primary reason for your iPhone storage filling up is because of the reasons we have listed below! Take a look at them and figure out what suits you the best!

  • Open Settings > Safari
  • Clear History and Website Data.
  • Clearing your Safari data might reduce the size of other files
  • You’re a heavy texter; your Messages app might be filling up your storage with a lot of data. Be sure to delete them too.


We hope that these steps help you out in iPhone storage not loading! Be sure to follow them and let us know which suited you the best!

Frequently Asked Question

Ques.1. How do I get rid of other storage on YouTube on my iPhone?

You can remove unwanted files in your iPhone by deleting them from the cloud. Other than this, you can also clear unwanted media files that may hinder your iPhone storage.

Ques.2. Why is my storage whole after deleting everything?

You’ve eliminated all unnecessary files but still see the” “insufficient storage available” problem message; you should clear up the Apple cache. If you have iOS 14 or later, go to Settings, Apps, choose an app, touch Storage, and click Clear Cache.

Ques.3. Why does my iPhone say no storage when I have storage?

This implies that your smartphone cannot backup to iCloud. If the warning says that there is no more iCloud storage available, you will need to lower the amount of data backed up to iCloud or switch off iCloud Backup entirely.