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How To Verify Your YouTube Account?

How can I get my youtube account verified? What do you need to verify on Youtube?

Are you wondering how to verify your YouTube account? Having a verified account has many perks! It also lets your new audience find you without much hassle! This article will discuss how you can be applied for being verified on YouTube without any itty bitties! So, let’s start today’s topic on how to verify your YouTube account!

Before diving into how to get verified on YouTube, let us first understand what YT verification means and the benefits of earning the verification badge.

What Is YouTube Verification?

The process of getting your Channel verified is YouTube verification. In this process, YouTube grants an official confirmation to a channel owner that provides them with authenticity and recognition.

A grey tick mark sign next to the YouTube channel name means the Account has been verified by YouTube. The verification badge helps to distinguish between the original content creator and imposter accounts. Let us further talk about the benefits of YouTube verification.

What Are The Benefits Of YouTube Verification?

YouTube verification provides numerous benefits. Following are the perks that a channel can enjoy with the coveted verification badge.

  1. Improved credibility
  2. Indicates authenticity
  3. Ability to customize YouTube video thumbnails
  4. Appeal content ID claims
  5. Provides security to the viewers as it increases trust
  6. Allowed to upload and publish videos that are longer than 15 minutes
  7. Ability to live stream videos and content

YouTube Account Verification vs. YouTube Verification Badge

In order to know how to verify your YouTube account, it is essential to know the basic difference between account verification and verification badges.

In the case of YouTube account verification,  it is essential to confirm your YouTube account. YouTube will text you a verification code. You will be able to verify your account after you submit the code. Not only does this let YouTube know you’re not a bot, but it also grants you access to a few additional features.

Now, verification badges are accessible for channel owners who have met a few crucial criteria. To begin, a channel needs over 100,000 subscribers to be eligible to apply for a verification badge. To begin the verification process, fill out a form. If your channel fits the requirements, YouTube will review it and provide you verification.

Who Can Get Verified On YouTube?

To enjoy the perks and benefits of channel verification, you must meet the following eligibility requirements.

  • Must have 100,000 subscribers or more.
  • The channel must be authentic. Content must adhere to all the YouTube terms, policies, and guidelines.
  • You must have an active channel with regular content and video updates. Other than following content guidelines, the YouTube channel must be complete with relevant details like a profile picture, channel description, etc.

How To Verify YouTube Account?

If you are wondering how to verify your Account on YouTube, we have the right solution for you! Let’s take a look at the steps listed below for the same!

1. Head over to YouTube.com

2. Click on the settings option on the left-hand sideStep-1

3. Select Account from the left menu and click Channel Status and Feature.

4. You will be directed to YT Studio, and a pop-up will appear on your screen. Click Channel and select Feature Eligibility.

5. Click on Intermediate Feature.

YT channel and feature settings

6. Now, click Verify Phone Number.

verify number on YT

7. Phone Verification will open up in a new tab. You can choose how you want the verification delivered to you. But we have selected Text Me The Verification Code.

8. Select the Country and enter your Phone Number. Finally, click Get Code.how to verify number on YT

9. Enter the Verification Code and click Submit.

how to verify on youtube

That’s it! You have your Account verified on YouTube!

How Do You Check if My YouTube Channel Is Verified?

Checking the verified status of YouTube is pretty easy! Follow the steps below to do so.

1. Head over to the YouTube.com/verify.


2. Over here, you can see a verified message next to your channel name if your brand has been verified!


What Are The Necessities To Verify YouTube Account?


When you decide to verify your Account, there are some regulations you need to abide by. You must also ensure you have signed in the email aligned with the Channel.

YouTube won’t verify the channels that copy other creators or brands. You need to keep this in mind. Without this, you can’t verify your YouTube channel!


We hope that it’s clear now how to verify your YouTube account! You can also check out other ways to get verified on the Channel.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make Sure My YouTube Channel Is Verified?

You can check the above verification trick to know about it!

Is It Hard To Get Verified On YouTube?

Your Channel can get verified only if its original content has passed the benchmark set by YouTube.

How Do You Get Verified On YouTube With 0 Subscribers?

You cannot get verified with 0 subscribers.