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How To Verify your YouTube Account?

Get the verification badge for your YouTube channel following these steps.

YouTube creators consider a verification badge next to their channel name very crucial. Since YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing platform. It becomes effortless to monetize your channel once you have that little grey badge, but it’s challenging to get one. Many creators on YouTube have earned the badge and lost it without knowing why. While others don’t know how to get one. This guide will resolve all your doubts and show you how you can verify your YouTube account.

Before that, let’s understand what a verification badge is YouTube and why it is essential to get verified on YouTube.

What is YouTube verification?

YouTube verification is a tiny grey badge or a music note that appears next to your YouTube channel name.


This badge shows that your channel has been verified and increases the credibility of your YouTube channel. Getting a verification badge does not give you access to any special features; it simply builds a legit brand image. Your users can trust your channel and the video content you upload on it. It also keeps impersonators from copying your channel and video content.

Why is YouTube Account Verification necessary?

As you might know, a verification badge on any social media handle makes the account owner very reliable and trustworthy. Users tend to trust verified channels over others while looking for video content and differentiate between fake accounts.

YouTube verification requirements:

To get a YouTube verification badge, you must:

  • Have at least 100,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel.
  • Be genuine – owned by an actual YouTube creator.
  • Have a complete profile – must be public with a description, content, and active.

Another way to get a verification badge on YouTube is by getting more views on your YouTube videos and growing your subscriber base.

Tips to increase views on your YouTube videos


  1. Descriptive keywords in the title
  2. Keyword-rich descriptions
  3. Use tags
  4. Make use of cards
  5. Customize your thumbnail
  6. Collaborate with guest YouTubers
  7. Include end screens
  8. Create playlists
  9. Post promotions through embedded links
  10. Invest in promotional platforms

You can read a detailed description of these pointers in our blog.

How to get verified on YouTube?

  1. Click on the URL and scroll down to the “Apply for channel verification” section.
  2. Select the “Apply Now” option.
  3. A new screen displaying the “Channel Verification Application” will appear.
  4. Fill in your details and click on the submit button.

This process might take a few weeks. If you have received your verification badge, remember not to violate YouTube’s Terms of Service or its Community Guidelines. If you do, you might lose your verification badge. You might lose your badge even if you change your channel name, so be sure to avoid doing the aforementioned things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you get verified on YouTube without 100K subs?

There is no way to get verified on YouTube without having 100K subscribers.

Q2. Why should I verify my YouTube account?

If you verify your YouTube account, you will be able to upload videos longer than 15 minutes. This will boost your channel’s performance and engagement rates.

Q3. Why do YouTubers get verified?

YouTubers get verified as the verification badge provides them with credibility and authenticity.

Q4. How long does it take for YouTube to verify your account?

It may take a few days to get your YouTube account to get verified after you submit the documents. The exact number of days is not specified by the platform.