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Ultimate Guide To Make Money On Pinterest With Affiliate Links

Here is everything you need to know to start making money on Pinterest with links

Did you know you can make money on Pinterest with affiliate links? While this idea may seem rugged and hold no importance, you can actually make Pinterest your side hustle while you make a career out of YT. One of the most popular visual search engines, it can help you promote your services and products to millions of people worldwide.

The fun fact is that you can use Pinterest to feature your affiliate website, but can you actually link directly to affiliate others? We will learn everything you need to know about this in the blog, so make sure to read how to make money on Pinterest using affiliate marketing links!

How To Make Money On Pinterest Using Affiliate Marketing Links?

 Make Money On Pinterest With Affiliate Links

Today, we will discuss some hacks for Pinterest affiliate marketing for beginners. You don’t need to worry, as this is no big deal and can be done quickly! You must know about how Pinterest works and how creating engaging content can help you increase your reach instantly! Do you need to add Pinterest to your marketing module?

Pinterest affiliate marketing can make things seem like a boon or take down your success in a swift minute. The first thing before going on here is to make sure whether investing your time on this platform is worth it at all or not. Who should use Pinterest marketing? Anyone just starting off wants to convert more leads, gain traffic, and build their brand loyalty.

  • Secondly, you absolutely need to promote your site and affiliates on this site is because of its visual search offer.
  • It is a great marketing move to showcase your best products and exceptional photography skills to catch people’s eyes and swiftly convert them into lifelong customers.

You can also easily embed affiliate marketing links on Pinterest, which can help you get a boost in traffic without spending a lot of money! You should be clear with your goal of affiliate marketing for Pinterest and look if the aim is meant to be a long-term commitment and the risk they carry along.

What Are The Steps For Successful Marketing On Pinterest?

Successful Marketing On Pinterest

Here is the list of everything you need to know to make a successful Pinterest marketing campaign

Make a Pinterest account.

We hope that you know things can get a good start with a perfect origin. You need to make a Pinterest business profile to ensure that you get all the information for your marketing strategy. Did you know that you can also turn your existing account on Pinterest, which would cost you no extra bucks? When you make a proper for business, you get access to follow perks.

  • Analytics
  • Ads
  • Audience insights.

Make awe-inspiring visuals.

Did you know you can get any human attention by showcasing them eye-grabbing visuals? You get the upper hand on Pinterest as you can click amazing photos. You can also edit and put them out as per your requirements. Using tools like canvas and photoshop to get the most out of this.

Make your content the top priority.

Did you know that what matters the most is the content idea you put through amidst all the photos and media? Whenever you are promoting content, infographics wins the race on Pinterest. What is use infographics? Well, the answer is pretty simple. They provide both what your audience requires – visuals and information, all in one.

Follow the trends to Ace your affiliate marketing strategy.

 Marketing On Pinterest


Let’s get it straight. Your primary audience users have their interests diversified and prone to change by the type of content they consume. So you need to make sure to keep up with trends to know what your customer and audience would like the best.

Earn money on Pinterest with affiliate links with SEO.

Earn money on Pinterest with affiliate links with SEO

Here is how you can make your pins more SEO friendly.

  • Fill in all your profile sections.
  • Verify your website/blog in the settings’ claim section.
  • Ensure you don’t hide your profile from search engines—go to ‘privacy and data preferences’ in settings and uncheck the box.
  • Research relevant keywords using the Pinterest search bar
  • Organize your pins and boards, so users and search engines can easily navigate and understand the structure.

Can I Create Money With Affiliate Links On Pinterest?

Absolutely yes! The significant green signal is that you can not directly link to blogs on most social media websites. When working with Pinterest, you are given two options in your hand, and over here, you can choose to link directly from your pins to the brand website and drive a substantial amount of traffic!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques.1. How much do Pinterest affiliate marketers make?

A Pinterest affiliate marketer can make up to anywhere between $60-$100 per month for the base salary. This will for sure increase depending on the experience and work performance.

Ques.2. Does Pinterest allow Amazon affiliate links?

Yes, the site allows links for marketing in the affiliate sector.


We hope that the above guide on how to make money on Pinterest with affiliate links in 2022 has helped you understand how everything works. If you are wondering if is affiliate marketing on Pinterest is profitable? A fun fact, when people see visuals in front of them, it probes them to make a purchase. Pinterest being a visual social platform, you can actually make easy money by adding links to your product images!