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How To Fix PS5 Controller Not Working? (Updated 2024)

Why is my PS5 controller not working on pc? How do I get my PS5 controller to work?

When a controller does not work, it is a sad boy hour. But did you know that you can actually fix the PS5 controller not working?! We will discuss the premium way to make your PS5 work like it is new for today’s blog! There can be reasons why the controller has an issue, such as the dual sense pad is not in the proper configuration. So without any further delay, let’s understand how to fix the unwanted error of the PS5 controller not working!

Steps To Fix PS5 Controller Not Working

ps5 controller not working

The first thing you want to see is if your controller is paired and appropriately charged. If the above statement is fulfilled and still there is an issue with the controller not loading in-game, follow the below steps!

  • Power down the console of input is not available
  • Hold down the PS5 power button for some time
  • After the first beep, a second beep will indicate that it is turning off completely.
  • Reconnect the controller by USB cable, and you are done!

Look for damage in the controller properly

ps5 controller

There can be an issue with the mechanical part of the controller. If you are not familiar with the mechanic’s statement, leave the whole thing as it is. Get the entire thing repaired by PlayStation

How Do You Fix PS5 Controller Button Not Connecting?

Even though the controller is the collect object we have placed our hands on, buttons have managed to disappoint us. We say this because the buttons any time, and you can’t use the whole controller then.

ps5 controller not working on pc

The simple and the safest thing to do is contact the PlayStation to provide you the new one. You can avail of the new offer only if there is a warranty!

What To Do When PS5 Is Not Detecting PS5 Controller?

Well, you can try heading in PS5 safe mode. Chances are here that the controller will detect the USB-C cable. You just need to restart PS5 from here!

How To Fix The PS4/PS5 Controller Not Loading After Steam’s Last Patch With DS4 Windows?

ps5 controller not working on pc

There can be many issues where controller is not functioning on the PC. Try the below steps to fix the same!

  1. Open steam
  2. Right-click on destiny
  3. Open game preferences
  4. Head to controller’s tab
  5. Change override for destiny 2 to disable steam input

Method for PS5 Dual sense controller with DS4 windows

  1. Do the same as in method 1
  2. Download and install DS4Windows https://github.com/Ryochan7/DS4Windows/releases 
  3. Open DS4Windows -> Edit profile -> Other -> Change “Emulated Controller” from Xbox 360 to DualShock 4
  4. Touchpad: Go to the Touchpad setting and set the Output Mode to “Passthru.”


We hope that we have successfully managed to solve your problem regarding the PS5 controller not working!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does PS5 overheat?

Ans- PS5 does not overheat. It got a new heatsink reduction which prevents unnecessary heat.

Q2. Is rest mode fixed PS5?

Ans- Rest mode, unfortunately, hasn’t been fixed yet. In addition, users cannot use the rest mode without reason.

Q3. Are there any issues with PS5?

Ans- As of the current date, there haven’t been any issues recorded with PS5.