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Wayback Machine YouTube | How To Find The Deleted Videos On YT?

Can you use Wayback Machine for YouTube? How to use the Wayback Machine?

Do you want to find the deleted videos on YT? The Wayback machine YouTube will help you to find these videos. Here’s a simple guide to help you find the videos deleted from YouTube, provided you have the link to those videos. Let’s learn about the Waybackmachine YouTube if you want to get the removed videos from YT.

What is the Wayback Machine YouTube?

We all hope to go back in some time. Be it the school memories or the vacation that you have been on. We all wish to have a time machine that would help us travel back to our favorite moments in which we lived. The Wayback machine sounds much like the Time machine… isn’t it? But, no, it will not take you back in your vacations but will help you find the deleted videos on YouTube. Are you now wondering how is that possible?

wayback machine youtube

The Wayback Machine is a non-profitable organization that brings knowledge online. It is an archive machine that has over 500 billion pages online. It began in the year 1996.

Hence, the Wayback machine for YouTube also has a set of YT videos removed from the video-sharing giant.

Is The Wayback Machine Legal?

When it comes to the legality of the Wayback Machine, there’s a lot of a grey area. Europe, for example, may consider the Wayback Machine to be a breach of its copyright rules, and the producers of preserved information can choose whether or not they want their work archived. However, the Internet Archive must comply if a creator requests that their work be deleted from the Wayback Machine.

Every country has different laws when it comes to Wayback Machine.

The Importance of the Wayback Machine

The significance of the Wayback Machine is undeniable. Of course, preserving the Internet’s past is crucial, but you may also go back and read an original source of material to see what it was like before the content was updated. This is especially beneficial in a time when information is continuously changing.

The ability to see websites that are no longer online is another fantastic feature of the Wayback Machine. However, there are certain flaws with this. The Wayback Machine captures a snapshot of a website at a certain point in time on a specific date. Therefore, some content may be missing depending on when the Wayback Machine took the snapshot.

Steps to Search The Deleted Videos From Wayback Machine for YouTube

You need to have the link to the deleted video from YouTube; you will only find the deleted videos through the YouTube archive Wayback library.

Paste the link in the search bar on the Wayback Machine website.

how to use the wayback machine

You will see a calendar highlighting the date when the video was deleted. You need to click on the date.

the wayback machine youtube

Once the YouTube archive Wayback finds the deleted videos, you will not view the video directly. Instead, you have to download the videos.

How to Find The Deleted Videos From Wayback Machine for YouTube Without URL?

If you do not have the link for the deleted videos, you need to search if this video is shared on another platform like Facebook.

If you find the video on the other platform, enter the link in the Wayback machine’s search bar.

Once you find the deleted video, you can download the video.

Another way to find the video without having the URL is to type “site:www.youtube.com + name of the video” in the search bar on Google.

does wayback machine work on youtube

The search engine will show you a list of relevant videos.

If you do not find the videos using these techniques, then you won’t be able to recover the deleted videos.

So How Is Wayback Machine Useful?

To Retrieve Information

If your website fails or is accidentally erased and you don’t have a backup, you may go back and rip out the material and start creating anew. Also, ensure sure your website is backed up regularly.

Save Web Page On Demand

The Internet Archive has never released a list of the websites it keeps track of. It also hasn’t revealed the methods it uses to decide what and when to capture. If you discover that your site has not been archived by WaybackMachine, you can “Capture a web page as it appears now for future use as a reliable citation.” Simply put your URL into the box and hit SAVE PAGE.


Wayback Machine YouTube is one of the best ways to find deleted videos on YouTube. Try to find the removed video with or without the URL. Click here for other YouTube-related updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Wayback Machine work on YouTube?

Ans. Yes, it does, you can find the deleted videos from YT, but you should have the link to the video. If you do not have the URL, tracking the removed video from YT is a little challenging.

Q2. How do you use a Wayback Machine?

Ans. You can use the Wayback Machine to find removed old websites and videos from YouTube.

Q3. How do I view a website on a Wayback Machine?

Ans. 1. Enter “https://web.archive.org”

2. Paste the link to the website in the search bar.

3. Then, finally, select “Browse history.”

Q4. Is Wayback Machine illegal?

No, it’s not illegal. A US court decided can use it as legitimate evidence.

Q.5 Can we retrieve deleted YouTube videos?

  • Go to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine and paste the URL of the erased video. You might be able to discover the URL in your YouTube or channel account emails.
  • Press Enter after pasting the URL into the URL field.
  • Choose a date and time when the video was available and take a snapshot.
  • To download the video, right-click it
  • Choose Save movie.

Q.6 How do I watch a deleted YouTube video without linking it?

  • Select the video that has been erased from the list. It will send you to a video that won’t play, but the link will be there.
  • Copy and paste the URL into the search box. Now go to the Wayback Machine and type the URL into the search box.
  • Now you may see the video that was previously removed. Any of these will take you to an archived page if you click on it.