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What Does Cc Mean On YouTube? How to use it in 2024

Why do some YouTube videos have CC? How do you get CC on YouTube?

Are you wondering what does cc mean on YouTube? The creative commons license, known as cc, gives the YouTuber the liberty to let others use their work. YouTube is also known to allow its users to mark their video with a creative commons license. We are sure you must want to know more about this, so let’s start with what does cc mean on YouTube!

How To Understand What Does Cc Mean On YouTube?


First, all the creators can mark their video with a creative commons license to make things easy for everyone! In addition to that, the standard YouTube license is made common in all the video uploading formats! This is what creative common meaning is all about!

What Does Cc Mean On YouTube Videos?


When there is a creative common enabled on a YouTube video, it primarily denotes that the video is free to use. Anyone can use the video for proper legal purposes. If you have seen YouTube videos, you must have found cc under the video. If you wondered what does cc under a YouTube video mean, we have that called out for you! It’s nothing but permission for anyone to use the content of the video!

What Are Creative Common License Types?


Creative common YouTube is of many kinds. Take a look at them below!

Attribution CC BY

This particular license gives others the liberty to mix, distribute, tweak and use the video commercially. They just need to provide you with credits to the original video creator!

Attribution ShareAlike CC BY-SA

If you are wondering what does cc stands for in YouTube, you need to be aware of this too! The features are the same as the above. The only thing to notice is that credit to you can give their new content identical term licenses.

Attribution-NoDervis CC BY-ND Can Help You Understand What Does Cc Mean On YouTube!

Under this CC license, your content can be available for use in commercials. The redistribution of videos is also possible. Except for this, no one can claim your video.


We hope that we have made you understand what does cc mean on YouTube. Be sure to check out our blog on creative commons for more information! See you around

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Some YouTube Videos Have CC?

The videos may show you cc because they have enabled it in their settings.

What Is Meaning Of CC In Video?

Cc mostly means creative commons. It enables other users to use your video for commercial purposes.