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Here Is How You Can Fix YouTube Channel Not Growing

How can I grow my YouTube channel fast? How do you get 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

Is your YouTube channel not growing? Want to know the hack to grow your YouTube channel? Well, if you answered yes to both of the questions, you are in luck. Because here, we will give you legitimate ways to fix this issue! So without any further delay, let’s get started on how to troubleshoot shoot YouTube channel not growing instantly!

Why Is My YouTube Channel Not Growing Anymore?

YouTube channel not growing anymore
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If you are a newbie on YouTube, you will need patience and a strong will to do this workout. While making trending topics might help you get an overnight boost, you need an extra shot to keep your audience glued to the screen. How can you achieve this? Well, we have the answer for you. Stay with us as we make things easy for you.

The primary reason why your channel is not growing on YT is that your content is not up to mark. You might wonder, “why is my YouTube channel not getting subscribers” if you almost spent more than six months on your channel. The main reason behind these is listed below!

You don’t get to the point fast enough.

channel is not growing on YT

Let’s imagine a scenario. You are searching for how to tie a tie in YouTube. You click on search, and there is a list of videos put in front of you. Now, you select the third video and start watching. Even after watching the video for a whole one minute, you find that the creator has not yet come to the main topic- how to tie a tie! Will you stay in the video? No, right! Well, you need to learn from this. If you sit and bore your audience with unnecessary details, there is a high chance that people will not watch the video. Or even worse, subscribe.

Your Thumbnails are not up to mark.

 YouTube channel growth

If you are planning to boost your YouTube channel growth, make sure to look after thumbnails. Why? You want your audience to click on your video, right? A no thumbnail or poor quality thumbnail will steal away the opportunity for you to grow.

If your video does not have enough clicks, YT will assume that your content does not have enough information to offer. As a result, the algorithm will not promote the video to higher rankings, which will decrease your organic traffic and, hence, decline the subscriber’s growth rate. By now, you must have understood that thumbnail, by default, plays an essential role in making people click on your video.

Appreciate your subscribers

YouTube channel isn't growing

Another reason why your YouTube channel isn’t growing is that you don’t have your viewers. No one likes to feel underappreciated, right? For this, you just need two things.

  • A heartfelt video to thank your subscribers.
  • A small giveaway according to your budget.

The two are the diamonds you need to grow your channel. Alongside, you also need to adapt to the creator mentality to make things a little easier for you. You also need to make sure that you deliver creative content. Make sure to think about what kind of content your viewers like to view. This can help if your channel growth has become stagnant.

Learn to write good video titles.

YouTube video title length best practices

Do not worry; it is no rocket science to write a great video title. But you need to understand that a good video title can fix the issue of your YouTube channel not growing! When you make a title, make sure you blend adjectives and topic. Also, you can start your question with the below-listed ideas! This will help you grow a successful YouTube channel from scratch too!

Poor editing can slow down your YouTube channel growth

YouTube channel not growing

If your channel isn’t performing well, you need to see if your editing skills need a brush-up. It is a great idea to get the video editing skills in your timeline to appeal to your content. While editing, make sure that the video is in sync. An out-of-sync video will look shabby, and your potential viewers and subscribers will fade away. 

YouTube channel not growing? Try SEO optimization.

YouTube SEO

If you are not aware, properly using tags and keywords works wonders when you plan to publish your video. With this help, you can quickly increase your ranking and boost your YouTube subscribers! You can do your keyword research by heading to Google keywords planner too. Click here to know more on how to SEO optimize your blogs!

Add music to your video!

increase your ranking and boost your YouTube subscribers!

We all love music, and we all need a melody in our life to keep us going. While your life can’t have customized background music, ensure that your YouTube video has one! Music plays a significant role in keeping your audience engaged, thus increasing the audience retention rate. You can use these tips to improve your YouTube channel without any hassles!

How long does it take for a YouTube channel to grow?

hacks to grow YouTube channel
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Let’s get straight to the facts. According to data, it takes up to an average of 24 months to reach a mark of 1000 subscribers. But hey! You don’t need to get discouraged. With proper follow-up on trending topics, good keyword research, and fantastic video content, you can easily reach 1000 subscribers over time! If you follow the above hacks to grow YouTube channel, for sure, things will work out in a pretty manner!

Why won’t my YouTube views go up?

You might have seen that videos that suddenly gain popularity also gain considerable views. To keep track of organic views, YouTube freezes views above 300 occasionally.

How can I get my channel to grow faster?

The straight answer is you can not grow your channel fast. It takes time and perseverance to grow your channel and daily uploads of videos over time!


We hope that you can now fix the issue of the YouTube channel not growing! Be sure to follow the above methods if your channel on YouTube isn’t growing, and follow us to know more! See you around, then.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my YouTube channel grow faster?

There are many through which you can actually grow your channel on YouTube. First, you properly promote your channel on either social media site! You can also use some YouTube Promotion Services that can help you boost the reach of your YT handle.

Why is growing on YouTube so hard?

If you are planning o organically grow your channel, you can expect some delay in reaching your targeted audience. This is because Youtube’s algorithm promotes appropriately made and SEO optimized videos, so you will need to work on that.

Why my YouTube channel is dying?

Here are the top 3 reasons your channel is no longer getting viewers.

  • You are not consistent in uploading videos.
  • Your videos are not fully SEO optimized.
  • The videos you make do not hold any value and come off as boring content.

Why my YouTube views are not increasing?

Here are some reasons we can think of:

  • Improper targeting of keywords or hashtags.
  • Not adding tags to the videos.
  • Overusing hashtags, keywords, or tags.
  • Adding repetitive tags, hashtags, or keywords.

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