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The Best YouTube Content Categories/Ideas To Get free YouTube Views For Beginners

Most Popular Types of YouTube Video

Are you just starting out on YouTube and finding the best YouTube content categories? Well, you have landed on the right page. A good YouTube video will create a positive impact resulting in free views on YouTube. The second largest search engine known by YouTube can make your video a viral trend overnight! You need to experiment with niches and pick up the trending topics! In today’s blog, we will provide you with some of the best YouTube content categories that can help you promote YouTube videos indirectly too!

Best YouTube Content Categories

YouTube video ideas

Without a doubt, many YouTube content ideas can help you enhance the overall YouTube experience. The task is to find the one that can serve you and your base audience. Coming up with a niche can be confusing when you are confused between the two! The most popular types of YouTube videos in 2024 make people laugh or solve their problems!

How Do I Choose A Category On YouTube?

YouTube content categories
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When choosing a content niche, you have to have a stable mind. Take a pen and a paper and write down the topics that gain your attention. It can be related to music, documentaries, comedy skits, art, or even dance and cooking!

If you are wondering about the best content for YouTube, we have news. There is no such thing as “best” for YouTube, and the only thing you need to do is select your niche and sync with the ongoing trends. Still, you can check out the below listed YouTube content ideas!

Product review tops the charts of YouTube content categories

Do you like to criticize and give out your information or detail regarding a product? If the answer is yes, then the product review niche is your call to action

You need to get a product and do an honest review. You can also tell people if you want to recommend the product or not. This is somewhat similar to unboxing a product, hiking in the YouTube category that gets the most views.

Make how-to tutorials

YouTube content categories

We are sure that you are not familiar with everything in this world, and this is why there are how-to tutorials that help make your life easier. If we see from a YouTuber’s perspective, you can make these as guides that can include any topic. Whether baking a cake or teaching musical instruments, people are up for learning new things! How to video on music is a great YouTube Content idea for musicians.

Comedy for YouTube Content ideas for beginners

best content on YouTube

Do you have a knack for making people laugh? Or are you a stand-up comedian, earning people’s love and money at the same time by giving hilarious jokes? If both questions are yes, comedy is the niche for you.

Reaction videos

YouTube channel category list

To be honest, there is always one person in the group who has the most hilarious reaction to everything. If you are that one member, making reaction videos on YouTube can help you earn money! You can watch a video and put down your thoughts on it. But be sure to be respectful and not hurt people’s sentiments too.

Story narration for YouTube content ideas without face

If you are shy infront of the camera, you can do a story session on YouTube! You need to have excellent storytelling skills to captivate the user’s attention. This is also a great YouTube content idea for couples as you can take chances to narrate the story.

Gaming videos for YouTube

creating a YouTube fitness channel

If you are a gamer and want to find the best gaming content for YouTube, you are in luck. Making montage videos and putting them up on YouTube can work wonders! You can always suggest to your viewers some new games or make memes on games that you play. In short, gaming is in the top YouTube video ideas.

What Is A Good First YouTube Video Idea?

First times can be scary; we can understand. But things can be made easier with some of the tips and tricks that can make your first YouTube video a hit! Take a look at the below-listed recommendations for YouTube video ideas to get subscribers too.

  • Start with introducing yourself.
  • You can also do a challenge video
  • Give a house tour or a room tour
  • Review your favorite product, as mentioned by us before
  • You can include them in your YouTube channel ideas for the first time!

What Are The Most Popular YouTube Topics?

YouTube video ideas to get subscribers

We know getting free views on YouTube is a task. But you don’t have to worry, as we have listed down the best ideas that can help you get leveled up on YouTube instantly!

  • Make a photography video.
  • Vlogging channels also work well.
  • YouTube video content ideas for fitness also work in a pretty good way

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some YouTube video ideas?

Below are some of the top video ideas that can help you get free YouTube views!

  • Make a photography video.
  • Vlogging channels also work well.
  • You can also do a challenge video
  • Give a house tour or a room tour

How do I get subscribers?

Apart from getting organic views and subscribers, did you know that paid subscribers work wonders in your initial YT building days! Without a doubt, with a decent amount of likes and subscribers, people will for sure think that your content is valid and end up subscribing to you!

But how do we achieve this? Well, you don’t have to worry when VeeFly is here with you! You can get a good amount of subscribers and views at an affordable price. What are you waiting for, Christmas?

How do YouTube videos go viral?

YouTube videos go viral because of two things, your content and the SEO strategy. You can also make videos that include controversies to potentially become an overnight hit!