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What Is YouTube Reused Content? How To Avoid Duplication?

Here's what you must do to if you think you have reused content in your videos.

Does the question regarding what does YouTube reused content trouble you? Understanding how YouTube works can make your job a lot easier if you want a smooth play of your channel and create the monetization policy work for you. We are here with ways to save your channel from coming under the traps of YouTube reused content. So be with us till the end.

How To Avoid YouTube Reused Content?


A simple explanation of reused content is when you repurpose someone else’s content and idea without giving them proper credit or even impersonating their thoughts and views as your own. Your channel can also fall under this category if you keep uploading the same video already present in your channel.

How Can You Overcome A Reused Content Claim In YPP?

According to the YouTube reused content policy, if the person going through your video finds any video the same as another creator, they will not monetize your video. If you have got a claim, here is how you can appeal to YouTube.

  1. You can try explaining to the person reviewing your video that your video is totally original. There is no issue of copying any work
  2. . You can always film a video and tell them your editing and filming process. Make sure to be utterly honest.

What To Do When Your YouTube Channel Not Approved For Monetization Reused Content?


There can be 2 instances under which your YouTube channel has caught the reused claim. Either you have really breached the policy, or your video was taken down without any reason under the policy. If you fell into the latter category and are wondering why this happened, stick around.

This policy states that you can not upload another person’s video on your channel. You can try this if your idea is totally unique. The reason it is taken down can be that there is a lack of context or information on how your video is not the same as others.

How To Know There Is No Reused Content On Your Channel?

Initially, you will get a email from YT regarding this, but just to be sure, it is necessary to check if there a no such videos to protect your channel from YouTube reused content policy. You can check in the top left side of your screen, where a filter button will be available. You now just need to select creative typical, and you are good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Use Background Music Without It Being Considered Reused Content?

No, you need to ensure that the music in the background you use is copyright-free, or else it will be considered as reused content. If it is not mentioned that the music is copyright-free, then you must assume that the content is copyrighted.

Q2. What Are The Risks Of Uploading Reused Content On YouTube?

If you have multiple videos that have reused content on YouTube, then your entire channel will be suspended from the platform.

Q3. What should I do if I believe my content was mistakenly identified as reused?

If you think your content was identified as reused content, you can simply add your voice or reaction to your compilation clips.

Q4. Is there a difference between reused content and fair use?

Yes, there is a little difference between reused content and fair-use content. Reuse content refers to channels that repurpose someone else’s content in their videos without adding significant original commentary. On the other hand, Fair use is a doctrine that says you can reuse copyrighted content under certain circumstances.

Q5. How can content creators make their content more original and valuable to viewers?

As a content creator, you must take your time to know your audience so that you can come up with new ideas. Once you get familiar with questions, concerns, interests, and topics that your audience is interested in, you can create more original and valuable content for viewers.


We hope this guide helped you out how to figure out the YT reused content. Sure to check out our other blogs too! See you soon