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Does YouTube Creator Credits Still Exist?

How do you add credits to YouTube? Does YouTube automatically add music credits?

Are you a YouTube creator and wondering what happened to the YouTube creator credits? YouTube is vastly known for changing its policies and rules. Most of the time, it does not favor YouTubers. The most recent one, in which YouTube stated adding its rights to monetization, thus creating quite a stir in the creator community. We will discuss this topic later in the blog. So, without further delay, let us know why YouTube creator credits are dissolved in thin air. We will also hit the bull’s eye with the new updates has YouTube rolled up recently.

What Are YouTube Creator Credits?


In the year 2014,  YouTube created a new feature, in which their users can easily tag the other YouTuber that they have collaborated with. This was a pretty helpful feature, but the drawback was that it was only available to YouTubers with a subscriber count of more than 10000.

This was later on changed to 5000. This change did attract many content creators to use their feature, but it slowly drew a veil over people’s eyes. This happened because it was not widely used even after getting the subscriber count to half the original amount. You have a profit here if you have enrolled for the YPP. This way, you can also earn revenues from the google ads generated by Google. Do you think YouTube did the right thing by deleting the YouTube creator credits? Let us know!

What Are The Recent Updates Rolled In By YouTube?

Besides the YouTube creator credits issue, YouTube had put in some more updates listed below. You can go through them and get an idea about how YouTube works now.

Discussion tab removal

On Oct 12, 2021, the discussion tab is set to be removed as per the YouTube policy to enhance the working of the community posts to more channels.

YouTube schooling experience 

YouTube has rolled out recently an update regarding the school experience on their platform. If your school administrator has marked you under 18 years of age, you won’t be able to view most of your notifications or even chat or use the live chat. This feature is only applicable to your school account, and there won’t be any changes in your personal account.

Media literacy on YouTube.

YouTube has introduced a tiny 15-second clip that informs you about whether the information being fed to you is valid or not. You can easily differentiate between false information.

YouTube Premium will also be coming with some new features.


We hope that we helped you with your queries on YouTube creator credits. You can also check out our other Articles, and they would for sure keep you engaged. Adios amigo!