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YouTube Roku: Everything you need to know about the dispute in 2022

Has YouTube TV and Roku settled their dispute? What is the conflict between Roku and YouTube TV?

Are you using YouTube Roku? If you are an active user, you might be knowing about the Roku and YouTube TV dispute. Or are you one of those who are yet wondering if you will be able to enjoy YouTube TV on Roku? Let’s dive deeper to understand the cause of the Roku YouTube TV dispute.

YouTube Roku: Details on Roku YouTube TV dispute

After several discussions over the agreement, Roku and YouTube TV have not reached a conclusion. Therefore, post-December 9th, Google will retreat all the YouTube services and the YouTube TV apps from Roku. Unfortunately, this means users who have the Roku box will lose access to more than 85 channels.

The current users will have access to YouTube TV and YouTube apps. The agreement between Roku and YouTube TV will end on December 9th.


This dispute has been a protracted affair! As of May 2021, Roku had removed YouTube TV from the Roku channel store, but the YouTube app remained untouched. Then, Google was ready to renew the deal with Roku under certain conditions, but Roku got into renegotiation about the YouTube app. Hence, Google provided access to YouTube TV through the YouTube app.

If the users deleted the YouTube TV, they could not download it again from the Roku store. Also, if you bought a new Roku device, Roku had restricted the download of YouTube TV.

Presently, Roku wants Google to agree to end the data collection that includes search results and the collection of other user behavior results. At the same time, YouTube calls all these statements false and baseless.

So if you are using Roku, you need to be prepared to lose 85 channels that you are enjoying on YT TV on Roku.

Other streaming services you can use in case of the YouTube TV Roku dispute



Here’s a list of requirements that you need to watch YouTube TV on Chromecast:

  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • Your Google account
  • You need to have an active subscription to YouTube TV

Apple TV


Sign in to YouTube TV, is you haven’t. Instead, open the app store on your Apple TV and type in ‘YouTube TV.’ Now download the ‘YouTube TV app.’

Fire TV


Sign up for YouTube TV if you aren’t a user. Search for ‘YouTube TV’ and download it.


The YouTube Roku dispute has been going on for a long, and yet both parties have not reached a fair conclusion that might lead you to lose TV services if you are a Roku user! You need to consider other options that will provide you YouTube TV streaming services.

Frequently asked Questions

Can you watch YouTube on Roku?

Roku users can still watch YouTube unless you delete the app or purchase a new Roku device!

Is YouTube still free on Roku?

The Roku app for YouTube had a guest account. And you can watch free content without logging in to your Google account.

Why can’t I watch YouTube on Roku?

Initially, back in May, Roku had removed the YouTube TV app from its device, and it was also now available in its app store.

Did Roku remove YouTube? 

YouTube is owned by Google, and since Google and Roku cannot reach conclusions over an agreement, YouTube will retreat from Roku.