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YouTube Music Allows Creator To Build Custom Radio Stations Using AI Prompts

New AI tool to find songs that matches your mood!

Finding music that matches your current mood on YouTube sometimes seemed impossible until the new custom radio station feature made it possible. Yes, we have “start radio” options, but it might have helped you access the songs with similar moods. However, the new feature is different.

YouTube Music Is Testing A New AI Feature That Lets You Create Custom Radios Using Text Prompt

youtube music-find similar songs

YouTube’s new AI feature helps creator find songs that match their mood by creating a radio station. To use the feature, you have to describe your frame of mind to create a list of songs that go with it.

The custom radio station feature is currently in the testing phase and is currently available to a small group of YouTube Music users.

When the feature gets rolled out completely, it is going to be labeled extremely unique. The feature will be located on the home feed with the “Ask for music any way you like” label. This is more likely to be in purple and pink colors with the label on it.

Even though the feature can give you a song list in a second, you would need to pick up the first song just as you do with the “start radio” feature.


We are unsure of the difference the new AI custom radio station feature makes, as we already had the start radio option. But it will be exciting to have another AI tool on board. To use it, all you need to do is give a prompt to the feature. It’s not so similar, but features like humming on YouTube Music can also help you find a song you do not remember its name.