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How To Make Compilation Videos For YouTube?

Read this blog to effortlessly hook viewers with captivating compilation videos on YouTube!

Have you hit a creative block with your YouTube content strategy? Then consider producing compilation videos, as they hook viewers to your content, thus increasing their watch time. Before learning how to make a compilation of YouTube videos, let’s first understand what compilation videos are! They are essentially a selection of brief video clips curated and strung together in a lengthier video, depending on the theme that unites them and appeals to your niche.

Our blog will teach you how to make compilation videos on YouTube and highlight the associated pros and cons to help you formulate an effective content strategy.

How To Make A Compilation Of YouTube Videos?

In theory, compilation videos offer a curated and brief viewing experience by showcasing a range of enthralling moments, but how can this strategy be executed effectively?

Stage 1: Collate And Trim Desired Clips

  • Ideate: Think about the theme of your compilation. Do you want it to be interviews with entrepreneurs? Perhaps a video of all motivational speeches clipped together? Or a music video compilation?
  • Trim: Keep all the clips concise enough to preserve viewers’ interest and long enough to give them a gist of what happened within each clip.

Stage 2: Edit Your Video Compilation

To create a compelling video compilation, you need to ensure that the flow of your YouTube videos is smooth and natural.

This step entails:

  • Alluring Visuals: Ensure that the videos’ contrast, saturation, and brightness are visually aesthetic and not too distracting.
  • Videographic Enhancements: Adjust the speed of each clip, add crisp subtitles, and add smooth transition effects. Further, to keep viewers engaged, use animations, music, creative filters, and templates for easier comprehension.

Stage 3: Make Your Compilation Video Compatible With Youtube

You need to optimize your compilation video in a way such that it satisfies YouTube algorithms.

  • Orientation: Keep your video segments in the same aspect ratio – either 9:16 for vertical videos or 16:9 for horizontal clips.
  • Save and export your file: Different formats can impact a video’s quality and accessibility, so be sure to export your file with the appropriate resolution and/or extension. Video quality plays a crucial role if you really want to scale your channel with compilation videos!

Why are compilation videos beneficial for your channel?

Compilation videos have carved a special place for themselves in the infinitely vast domain of YouTube content. They capture all the exciting moments in one place, causing users to experience various emotions, ranging from humor to nostalgia.

If you are wondering how to make YouTube compilation videos, you should be aware of two things: their gains and drawbacks!

Potential of Driving Traffic:

  • Positive User Engagement: A compilation video tends to attract more viewers and retain them for extended durations, as it creates continuity.
  • YouTube Algorithms: YouTube algorithms are more likely to recommend longer-duration videos, as they indicate that your content is high quality.

But there are some pitfalls to be careful about:

  • Reduced attention span of users: Users could find it difficult to navigate and search specific clips that interest them.
  • Fewer shares: Users are less likely to share lengthier videos on social media platforms.

Let’s Explore Canva to Create a Compelling Video:

Now that we have learned how to make a compilation video on YouTube, let’s look at a free tool that speeds up your work

Launch Canva and Get Creative!

  • Click on the menu bar with 3 lines ( ≡ ).
  • Choose the very first option, “Create a Design,” then choose the “Video” Option.
  • You can add, trim, crop, and merge video clips using Canva.
  • You can experiment with various editing options, and creators can even access royalty-free clips from Canva’s video stock.

Copyright Counter

Want to avoid demonetization and video takedowns? Let’s navigate the guidelines and policies pertaining to copyright strikes.

Ways to resolve Copyright Claims:

  • Seek permission beforehand: This is generally a good practice when uploading videos on YouTube or any other platform. It is especially useful if your videos tend to go viral.
  • Expiration Window: A copyright claim will naturally expire in 90 days, provided you complete Copyright School.
  • Request Retraction: The original owner can retract their copyright claim.
  • Challenge the Claim: If you believe your video satisfies all the terms & conditions of fair use, then you can submit a counter-notification.


This article focused on how to make a compilation of youtube videos using simple yet efficient software and tools. Whether you’re new to YouTube or have been around for a while, you can select between free and paid options to put together videos that will appeal to your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are compilation videos legal on YouTube?

Yes. You need permission to use someone’s work while creating compilation videos. However, this would only apply to copyright-protected videos.

Q2. Can you make money with compilation videos on YouTube?

Yes, in two ways! After joining the YouTube Partner Program, you can monetize compilation videos through Google AdSense or even use them to sell merchandise.

Q3. How do compilation channels avoid copyright?

If you claim that your compilation videos are being used for parody, criticism, or education, then you won’t face any penalty on the grounds of “fair use”. But you will also have to prove your argument.

Q4. How to make song compilation videos on YouTube without copyright?

If you want to add background music or make a compilation of different songs for “fair use,” you can do so in the following ways!

  • Public Domain Content
  • Seek Permissions
  • Royalty-Free Media
  • Create Original Piece
  • Utilise YouTube’s Audio Library
  • Give Credit wherever needed