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YouTube Trends in 2024

Find all the YouTube Trending Topics that are "hot" amongst creators!

YouTube trending topics are ever-evolving! These trends aren’t only in the form of content genres, but also the way you engage your subscribers and what platform you have a scope on!

Considering these trends, how will your content development journey look in 2024? What aspects can you incorporate in your videos? Let’s find out!

YouTube Trending Topics Of 2024 – What To Expect?

Below are the trends that will shape users’ viewing experience in 2024 and the video creation process as well!

1. Livestreams For YouTube Trending Topics

Want to foster a strong relationship with your audience? There’s nothing better than live streaming, where you can discuss your topic and engage with people while doing so. You can also directly address their queries!

Trending topics in YouTube live streams:

  • Gaming live streams
  • Political live streams
  • Demonstration of product
  • Contests
  • Discussion on any genre that is mentioned ahead!

2. Videos Involving User Generated Content

Community-influenced videos denote a stronger community bond. It also adds a layer of credibility! Let’s see how you can infuse UGC content in your videos!

  • Elaborate Product Review Videos covering personal experience and also capturing user feedback from Google, social media, or other rating sites.
  • Try worst-rated products or services as a YouTube challenge! “PPPeter” is infamous for doing this, and he even adds user reviews to his videos!
  • If you are a controversial channel, you can upload videos answering “frequently asked questions” or “Ask me Anything”!
  • Or develop videos around user suggestions from polls and comments!

3. ASMR Content Is Among Trending YouTube Videos

ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response.” Basically, sounds that cause a tingling sensation. Or static-like noises that serve as an audio stimulus!

  • Slicing with soap or kinetic sand.
  • ASMR Sounds from slime.
  • Mixing items into slime. “Peachybbies” do this!
  • Makeup application videos in ASMR style.
  • Soothing sounds with a mic or other objects in the surroundings. “ASMR Sunshine” is known for this!

4. Makeup Videos

It is said that YouTube has transformed the beauty industry. Many Western and Asian markets expanded their shade range owing to influencers who tested their products and felt excluded! Makeup brands even design custom PR packages for their preferred YouTube creators! Let’s look at content ideas that hold the virality potential!

  • Product Reviews:
    Korean or Japanese cosmetics, Fenty Beauty cosmetics, R.E.M. beauty cosmetics, Rare beauty cosmetics, or products from other YouTubers, celebrities, Drugstores, and well-reputed brands!
  • Challenges:
    Examples include applying makeup without a brush, using only one pump from all makeup bottles, restricting your makeup palette to your most hated shade, and more!
  • Skincare and Makeup tips:
    Share your skincare secrets, or debunk flawed beliefs. This is how “Hyram” rose to fame and became a YouTube critic and sensation!

5. Eye-Catching Thumbnails For YouTube Trending Topics

Thumbnails are the images that you see on videos while scrolling through the homepage. They aid users in understanding how fun or relevant your content is. So here are recent trends regarding them!

  • Tool:
    YouTube will soon launch a “thumbnail testing feature” for all content creators. This feature will enable A/B testing for thumbnails, allowing creators to see which thumbnails attract clicks!
  • Tip:
    The thumbnail should capture the most intriguing section of your videos. It can also show the end result as a visual image and provide a text-based caption highlighting the limitations or challenges despite which you achieved those results! We recommend taking inspiration from “5-minute Crafts” and “Ants Canada.”

6. Videos that Offer A Glimpse Of Our Past

Who doesn’t want to know about our rich ancestry and traditions? But this niche requires strong storytelling ability and fluent narration to make people feel that they have been teleported into a different generation!

  • Makeup or dressing trends of different eras in the past – “Erin Parsons Makeup” does this!
  • “English Heritage” takes you through cooking techniques and popular dishes from the past!
  • Videos detailing how different subgroups co-existed in the past – “Absolute History” publishes such videos!

7. VR infused Content on YouTube trending Topics

VR is the craze of 2024! It blends elements of reality and fiction. You get a 360-degree / 3-D view, and you have to perform certain movements in real life to complete actions in the VR. Beyond its unique user experience, VR also enhances accessibility for the deaf or visually impaired. This conversation is complete without mentioning a YouTube channel that is renowned for this: Virtual Reality Oasis!

  • Games
  • Movies
  • Sports Commentary

8. Short Ideas For YouTube Trending Topics

Shorts have successfully garnered an average of 70 billion daily views in February 2024. Videos uploaded in this section can be of any genre covered above, but the following themes are seen more often:

  • Parkour or obstacle courses:
    Where the creator has to perform difficult stunts and reach their objective – Matt Larose is gaining tremendous popularity for his shorts!
  • Food Packing or Plating:
    You can arrange food on either a plate or a tiffin. We recommend taking ideas from Nutrition By Kylie and Kayla Kowalski Nutrition!
  • Makeover Videos:
    The “Try on Haul” search term has grown by 335% in the last five years! It can be about DIY-ing clothes or pairing them in a way that makes them look beautiful! Maddie White has risen to prominence for doing exactly this.
  • Artistic Videos:
    Videos with therapeutic journaling, or DIYs to make random day-to-day objects more fancy! Blessings Craft Therapy and Vicky’s Journal are prominent channels in these niches!

9. Multi-Platform Content On YouTube Trending Topics

Many creators upload the same videos on YouTube Shorts as they would on TikTok or Instagram Reels to save time! What are its benefits?

  • Some platforms mentioned above are restricted in a few countries, so uploading like this gives them more reach.
  • Reduces time and effort in ideating a video concept and recording or editing it.
  • Serves as a diversified stream of revenue too!


For the cut-throat platform that YouTube is, you need to stay ahead of the curve! This demands that you track YouTube trending topics, embrace them wholeheartedly, and experiment with them! Doing so will ensure that you become a successful content creator in 2024 and beyond. We have also mentioned successful creators from all genres to help you sharpen your YouTube content strategy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the top YouTube search term in 2024?

In March 2024, the trending search on YouTube was “song,” followed by “movie.”

Q2. What are the new guidelines for YouTube in 2024?

These are the additional guidelines to follow for YouTube Trending Topics in 2024!

  • Reveal what content information seen in the video is sourced from AI.
  • Don’t use AI to impersonate any individual, living or dead.
  • Thumbnails can’t be provocative, offensive, or misleading.

Q3. Who is #1 on YouTube right now?

The most subscribed YouTube channel in the world is Mr. Beast, with 278 million followers as of June 2024. It is followed by T-series, with 267 million subscribers!

Q4. Does YouTube Shorts pay?

If you cross 1000 views on YouTube shorts, then you will get anywhere between USD 0.01 and USD 0.06 for every extra view, which is far less than what you get from full-length videos on YouTube. However, people tend to scroll more often through shorts, during or after work, or in break time.