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Google Reports Canceling YouTube Premium Subscriptions Bought with VPNs To Enforce Regional Pricing

YouTube’s new update has been unfortunate for many. For example, people who have been using YouTube premium subscriptions at low cost in countries like Ukraine. YouTube is currently focusing on having the golden touch through various things, be it Google ads or premium subscriptions. So, the reason for canceling the discount on the premium is quite evident.

YouTube Cancel Premium Subscription Cost Purchased On Discount Rate Using VPN

youtube-premium membership-canceled

YouTube introduced new updates restricting users from purchasing premium subscriptions using VPNs to enforce regional pricing. Many users from different countries have been changing their location using VPN to purchase cheaper versions of YouTube Premium.

Now that YouTube seems to have noticed how users have oversmarted the platform, it has left them with only two options: re-subscribe their accounts or use ad blockers to restrict their view of advertisements.

Currently, YouTube is sending emails to users who have a cheaper version of premium, informing them about the cancellation and asking them to restart their subscription.


Earlier, YouTube took action against ad blockers being used to restrict ads from appearing. Now, it is planning to cancel the discounted version of the YouTube premium subscription that users were purchasing using a VPN. The entire purpose of approaching this was to encourage users to use regional pricing rather than bypass it.

YouTube primarily generates income through ads and premium subscriptions, but users often try to avoid these interruptions and fees. Nobody enjoys being interrupted while watching their favorite content or having to pay for subscriptions. However, with YouTube not supporting ad blockers, subscribing to YouTube Premium seems to be the only remaining option for a seamless experience.