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How To Buy YouTube Subscribers?

Should You Buy YouTube Subscribers ?

Are you looking to buy real YouTube subscribers but don’t think it’s a good idea? Well, it is easy to fall for online scams with thousands of websites selling subscribers to YouTube creators. So how would you know which one is legit? But is it really necessary to buy them? Before jumping into buying subscribers for your YouTube channel, let’s first look at the pros and cons. Later, we will explore a few methods that can help you build a subscriber base organically.

Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Read till the end to know better.

Pros and Cons of buying YouTube subscribers

pros and cons of buying youtube subscribers


Below are some advantages of buying YouTube subscribers. Buy Buying YouTube subscribers does not mean you can just purchase users, it a term used under Paid Marketing. Platforms like Veefly use automated advertising methods to expose your videos to a larger audience. It is a generic way of acquiring YouTube subscribers.


The number of subscribers on your YouTube channel helps you gain more visibility on the platform and makes you famous. It builds an online reputation for your channel and attracts more users. A higher number of subscribers brings in more people to watch your videos and helps you build a loyal community of users.

Head start

If you are a newbie on YouTube, buying subscribers can definitely give you a head start. You can reach more in less time and drive traffic faster. This helps you keep up with your competition and encourage people to subscribe to your channel. This also means getting more views on your YouTube videos.


Many platforms that offer such services don’t cost much. As a beginner on YouTube, there’s very little you can invest in such sites. But it doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket; you can look for affordable sites. While they are cheap and reasonable, look for sites that aren’t bringing bots to your YouTube channel.


Now you will find certain sites which tell you to buy YouTube subscribers for cheap. It is important to know the difference. Here are some disadvantages if you go with fake platforms.


When it comes to buying subscribers online, beware of scammers. It is very difficult to understand who is genuine and who is fake. It is easy to fall for fake websites as they lure users with false promises. Always read reviews and protect your money and yourself from such websites.


Some websites offer their services for cheap but send bots to your channel as subscribers. If the algorithm knows of this, your video will be removed or banned from YouTube. The algorithm can quickly tell the difference between bots, fake subscribers, and genuine users. So, before purchasing, make sure they are providing you with real users.

Untargeted subscribers

Most websites offer untargeted subscribers from random countries in the world. This makes your entire audience base irrelevant. These users are either not interested in your content or will ruin your metrics. So look for websites that provide geo-targeting options so that you have a subscriber base that can resonate with your video content.

How to increase YouTube subscribers organically?

how to increase youtube subscribers organically

It’s challenging to reach viewers at first, and maybe you have no budget to spend on such online services. Here are a few ways to increase your subscriber count organically.

  • Create unique and high-quality content
  • Use keywords in your videos
  • Keep track of your video’s performance
  • Optimize your YouTube videos
  • Engage with your audience


To conclude, there will always be advantages and disadvantages to buying YouTube subscribers online. While taking any shortcuts to make it big on YouTube is risky, the final result is worth it. Sometimes, views are enough, so just make sure to read the reviews before putting in your money and do what’s best for your YouTube channel. To help you track your subscribers, here are the Top 7 Real-time YouTube Subscriber Trackers.