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How To Grow Your Blog Traffic Using YouTube?

How do I get more traffic to my blog on YouTube? Get More YouTube Traffic, Views, and Impressions

Are you looking to drive additional traffic to your blogs from YouTube? YouTube is a fantastic platform to do so without burning a hole in your pocket. With over 2 billion active users and a vast audience to connect with, YT is the best platform for marketing. Here are a few tips for growing your channel and adding an extra revenue flow from YouTube.

Ways To Grow Your Blog Traffic Using YouTube Channel

If you have a blog website and want to increase traffic, then here are some techniques that you can use through a YT channel:

Include your blog in your YouTube videos

Include your blog in your YouTube videos

YouTube is a publishing platform, so the first step towards marketing is creating and uploading video content. Next, you need to populate your YouTube channel with videos to generate more traffic. Finally, when creating new videos for your channel, you need to include something about your blogs in the script.

Talk about your website and the type of blogs you write; use call-to-action buttons. You can also include links to your website in your video’s description. Besides, use cards and end screens to remind them to check out your blog.

Optimize your YT profile for Google

Optimize your YT profile for Google

One of the best ways to market your blogs is by optimizing your YouTube channel. Can’t see the connection between the two? YouTube’s search page is directly connected to Google; this means your ranking matters on both platforms. Start with optimizing your title, description, and tags. You can use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner and Ahrefs to find relatable keywords.

Make a list with highly searched keywords, and then use them accordingly in your title, description, and tags to cover all the bases. Don’t forget to customize your YouTube video thumbnails to attract more viewers. Lastly, create playlists for better user navigation around your videos while trying to add keywords as the titles.

Add clickable links to your videos

Add clickable links to your videos

YouTube doesn’t allow creators to include clickable links from inside their own videos anymore. So, the two other places you can turn to are:

Video description for your YouTube Channel

YouTube allows 5,000 characters in a video description, out of which 150 characters can be visible below your video before clicking on “more.” While the first few characters describe the video using keywords, you can include your links towards the end.

Learn how to write keyword-rich YouTube descriptions for your channel, with our guide.

Pinned comments

Another place to include your links is in the comments section. YouTube has a feature where creators can pin their comments to the top. This allows users to access your blog or website link while leaving comments. Sometimes, YT hides comments with links in it, but this can help you add your link easily.

Add the YouTube video on the blog site

Firstly, create content on YouTube and publish it consistently. Whenever you’re writing an article or blog, do not forget to make a video. Once you create the video, post it on YT and then add the video’s URL in your blog.


Use these steps to grow your website and blog traffic through YouTube subscribers. You will see your numbers rise. But make sure also to monitor how these tricks work for your channel. Keep a tab of the views and number of subscribers after following these steps and if your video is reaching the right audience.

Video creation is easier than you think if done with the right tools. So make use of YouTube to enhance your other work and make a living out of it. Monitor your ranking and traffic and adjust your strategy accordingly.