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How To Create A YouTube Traffic Jam

How do I get traffic to my YouTube channel? Get More YouTube Traffic, Views, and Impressions

Imagine having a traffic jam on your YouTube channel! While you wouldn’t want your page to crash, driving so many users in is an achievement. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine after Google. With over 2 billion active users, think of the endless opportunities you can access to grow your YouTube channel.

YouTube is a hub for video content allowing creators and brands to promote their content, products, and services respectively. In this blog, we will explore these said possibilities and learn how to optimize your channel to drive more traffic.

Tips to optimize your YouTube channel

YouTube optimization is a part of YouTube’s SEO strategy. It is a practice that helps you rank your videos higher on the search engine results page. In addition, It enables you to build an audience by displaying your videos to the right audience. With the use of keywords, tags, cards, playlists, etc., you can achieve this goal and boost your ranking on YouTube.

Let’s explore these tips in detail. So, read till the end to know how.

Optimize your metadata

YouTube metadata helps YouTube understand what your video is about. Metadata includes the title, description, and tags of your YouTube videos. In addition, metadata optimization will help you rank your videos on both Google and YouTube.


A YouTube video title describes your video in 100 characters. For ranking purposes, it is important to use keywords at the beginning of your title. You can use YouTube’s Autosuggest or Google’s Keyword Planner to help you with this task. Use the keywords with the most search volume in your video’s title. Keep your title short and crisp yet catchy.

To learn how to create amazing titles with keywords, check out our guide.


YouTube has two types of description: YouTube channel description and YouTube video description. You need to use keywords in both descriptions for better ranking. In your video’s description, you should utilize all 5000 characters by including links. You can describe your videos while also redirecting traffic to your website or blogs if any.

Check out our guide on How To Write A YouTube video description to ace YouTube descriptions.


YouTube tags can be added to your description to cover more keywords. Instead of stuffing your description with keywords, you can use tags to do so. Start with your primary, relevant, and then complementary keywords. Each tag can be a word or a phrase related to your video with high search volume.

Learn how to use tags and why they are important through our beginner’s guide.

Make use of playlists

YouTube playlists allow you to organize your YouTube videos in different categories. If your channel deals with different types of content, playlists help your user navigate through them easily. These sections help increase your visibility and make your channel more user-friendly. Another advantage of playlists is that your videos play on the autoplay feature.

Add annotations to your videos

YouTube annotations are an interactive way to engage with your audience. Annotations are call-to-action buttons that encourage viewers to like and subscribe to your videos. To add annotations, select an already uploaded video. Click on edit videos and select the annotations tab. Select a timeframe frame from your video, and add annotations from the drop-down menu.

  • Speech bubble
  • Note
  • Title
  • Spotlight
  • Label
  • Pause

Annotations are an important part of the YouTube strategy. They are free and easy to use and grow your audience to increase your video’s visibility and engagement.