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Low competition YouTube channel ideas in 2023 (New Updates)

Which topic is best for YouTube Channel 2023? LOW COMPETITION YouTube channel ideas beginners

The competition in the industry is cutthroat, and only a few rise from the ashes. Speaking of content creation on YouTube, there are more than a million hours of content readily available for the viewers online. In such fierce competition, what makes your idea stand out?

Well, here are a few YouTube channel ideas that have low competition.

How to find a low competition YouTube channel idea?

Firstly, let’s settle on what you like to do and are passionate about. YouTube content creation indeed requires genuine efforts that may finally pay off. At the same time, sources such as Amazon, Quora, Wikipedia, and other marketplaces and forums are the best in finding YouTube niche ideas. Well, this is because marketplaces and forums have an innumerable amount of sub-categories to choose from!

Your idea must sound unique to yourself first. Only then will you be able to present it to your viewers uniquely. For instance, if you plan to create entertaining content, there are many, but what makes your idea stand out? So, before making any idea permanent, conduct a thorough research about it.

Secondly, websites such as Google, Google Trends, and YouTube can help make a general list of ideas. Take Google, for instance; you can randomly search for, like, smartphones. If you type smartphones in the search bar, it’ll show you smartphones under 10000, 5000, etc.

So, you might as well take your chances and type every alphabet after ‘smartphone’ to see what Google suggests. Also, check related search results to gain more ideas.

What niches to stay away from?

Stated below are some of the most competitive niches that exist on YouTube:

  • Diet, health, nutrition, fitness lifestyle, and fitness training
  • Cooking and food hacks
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Finance/How to succeed? /How to get rich?
  • Vlogging, Travel, Entertainment, Music Channel, and Kids’ content
  • Dating & Romance
  • Gaming & Technology
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Photography

In this competitive industry, you must avoid multiple niches unless a good sub-niche with lesser competition finds its way to you.

Best YouTube channel Ideas

Well, now that you already know about some tough competitive categories, let’s discuss their more straightforward and lesser competitive sub-categories.


In the vast ocean of technology, there are a few species that remained undiscovered. You can explore and explain Wi-Fi technology, HDD vs. SSD, IP protocol, how a smartphone works, technological history, and so on.


The cooking industry is so big that multiple sub-categories can be explored. For example, you can review kitchenware, share some tips and rules, do tasting/packaging reviews, history of foods and cooking, share personal recipes, simple recipes for single men and women out there, etc.

Arts & Crafts

The term in itself sounds unique—arts and crafts. It is where you let those creative juices fall and form something different. You can create different types of drawing videos, paintings, writing, singing, learning musical instruments, animation, and so many, many more. Even these sub-categories are further divided into various categories that expand more uniquely.

Beauty & Fashion

Beauty-related videos don’t necessarily have to be makeup tutorials. You can talk about beautician pro subjects, new trendy fashion, bikinis and lingerie, fabric, hair wear, and so much more.


Another wide range of categories is fitness & sports. If you’re a sports enthusiast, you can impart your wisdom without being too preachy in your next YouTube video. Some areas to explore are dancing, cycling, chess, golf, rock climbing, cricket, football, hiking, fighting sports, skating, gymnastics, and other innumerable sports.

So, to make the next hit video, you must dive into the ocean of opportunities and cling to that one thing that speaks with you the most. These are some of the few YouTube channel ideas that have low competition.