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4 Ways to Turn TikTok Followers into YouTube Subscribers

How do I get TikTok followers on YouTube? 4 Hacks to Turn TikTok Followers into YouTube Subscribers

Today video-sharing platforms are taking the world by storm. Among the many platforms available today, YouTube is the largest platform, but TikTok has been trying to rise to the same level in fast few years. Launched in 2016, TikTok today has 689 million active users globally. And if you on both of these platforms, you can easily use your TikTok videos to increase your YouTube subscribers.

Here are the top 4 ways to transform your TikTok followers into YouTube subscribers.

Create niche short-form content

create niche short form content

Unlike YouTube, TikTok serves users with short-form videos that don’t exceed 60 seconds. To challenge this, in 2020, YouTube launched YouTube Shorts that are similar to TikTok videos. But the main hurdle here is to bring those followers to your channel.

First thing’s first, start with creating videos on TikTok that are similar to your YouTube niche. Then, create enough videos to pique their interest on YouTube and slowly bring them to your YouTube channel. For example, if you are a travel blogger, you can show a few clips of your recent adventures and then take them to your YouTube for more details.

Post TikTok trailers of your YouTube videos

post tiktok trailers of your youtube videos

Just like before a movie is released, a trailer intrigues you into watching it. You need to apply this same tactic to promote your YouTube videos. First, create a 60-second trailer to promote your new content on TikTok. Once you have enough people interested in your content, you can share your YouTube video’s link with them.

Your TikTok trailers could be filled with funny moments, bloopers, or a cliffhanger to make your audience curious about your upcoming videos. Remember to mention your channel’s name so that your audience can find your videos easily.

Upload TikTok duets on YouTube

upload tiktok duets on youtube

Instagram recently introduced a feature where you can remix someone’s reel. Well, TikTok did it first. This platform has an option called a duet, where you can use someone else’s video and upload yours in a split-screen format. TikTok creators use it to share their reactions, jokes or to collaborate on a challenge.

You can use TikTok duets to feature your fans reacting to your videos’ trailer. You can also react to the duets your fans have created using your content or create one with them. Featuring your fans in your videos is one of the fastest ways to drive traffic. This gets your followers excited to see if they were in it; it also helps create a bond with your community.

Create brand recognition

create brand recognition

Are you wondering why brand recognition is important? Brand recognition helps users identify your brand from a million others. For example, you could easily recognize Nike’s logo from a bunch of sports company logos. In the same, you would want your audience to recognize your videos instantly. To do so:

  • Use the same channel name on both platforms.
  • Include your logo and outros in your TikTok videos.
  • Insert CTAs in your TikTok video’s caption to increase subscribers.
  • Engage with your audience on all platforms.

With these hacks you can simply transform your TikTok followers into YouTube subscribers.