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YouTube Advertising in 2024: Step-by-step Guide

Did you know that YouTube has over 2 billion users globally? Aside from this, world’s second-largest search engine after Google and the largest video-sharing platform in the world. With so many people using YouTube daily, it is the best platform for marketers and creators to advertise their products and services using YouTube advertising.

YouTube Advertising is a potent marketing tool and, when used correctly, can help your brand make a lot of money. It has a significant effect on consumer behavior and helps users buy a product through its video content. If you are looking to advertise your brand’s products and services on YouTube, read this step-by-step guide till the end to understand how YouTube advertising works and what the different types of YouTube Ads are.

Let’s start with the most common question.

How much do YouTube Adversting cost?


YouTube ads can cost anywhere from $0.10 to $0.30 per click. But the question you need to ask yourself before running an ad on YouTube is, how much are you willing to spend on YouTube ads?

When you run an ad on YouTube, you will have to pay every time a user views and clicks on your ad. This depends on the type of ad you choose, which we will cover in the next section. Of course, marketers can spend more depending on their marketing budget, targeting, video quality, and campaign goals.

Types of YouTube Advertising

The type of ad you choose also affects the cost of your ad campaign. The bigger the ad space, the more the ad costs. Here are the different ad formats available for YouTube ads.

Display ads

These ads appear on the right side of your feature video and above the suggestions list.

Overlay ads

These are overlay ads that are semi-transparent and cover 20% of your feature video.

Skippable video ads

These ads appear before, during, and after the feature video and cover the entire screen. It comes with a “skip ad” button that allows users to skip the ad typically after 5 seconds.

Non-skippable ads

These types of ads appear before a video starts and covers the entire video. Users cannot skip this type of ad, which lasts up to 30 seconds.

Bumper ads

These ads are similar to non-skippable ads. They appear before a video starts and lasts for 6 seconds.

Sponsored Cards

Cards display content related to the video. These ads show video-related products for users to click and purchase quickly.

How to create a YouTube Ad campaign?

Creating a successful YouTube Ad campaign is all about following a few simple steps.

  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Create a bidding strategy
  • Setting your Ad targeting options
  • Create your YouTube Ad Campaign

You can read about these steps in detail in our blog “how to run a successful ad campaign on YouTube.”

Why choose YouTube for advertising?


Gigantic reach

With over 2 billion users, YouTube opens up endless opportunities for advertisers to reach millions of audiences at the same time. Because of its user-base, YouTube is one of the best video advertising platforms because of its diverse reach.

Purchase behavior

YouTube plays an essential role in influencing a consumer’s purchasing decision. Many brands claim that YouTube influenced their customers into purchasing their products. On YouTube, consumers can watch videos of the products they want to buy and understand their usage correctly before actually buying them.

Right audience

YouTube Advertising allows marketers to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. Through analytics, you can reach your target audience easily by creating appealing video content and share your brand’s aim and vision with them easily.

The aim of running ad campaigns on YouTube aside from monetary gains is to bring more traffic to your channel and increase views on your YouTube channel. The best way to do this is by buying youtube views from the right platforms. This move might sound risky, but you can rely on the top 10 ways to get more views on YouTube after thorough research. Try the above-mentioned tips to ace at creating a YouTube ad campaign.