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How to improve organic reach on YouTube

Improving your organic reach on YouTube is about practicing some simple steps that we will be covering in this blog. YouTube is all about its views, and so many creators struggle to reach their audience organically. Marketers and Youtubers are now closely trying to understand YouTube’s algorithm to boost their SEO ranking on the platform. According to stats, a user spends 70-80% of his time on YouTube, which is why today, YouTube needs to be in every brand’s marketing strategy.

To master the art of improving your organic reach on YouTube, you need to understand how YouTube’s algorithm works. Read till the end to know about the top 5 ways to enhance your YouTube channel’s organic reach.

How does YouTube’s algorithm work?

YouTube’s algorithm revolves around two things – Search results and Recommended videos.

The algorithm suggests videos to users based on their search history and the performance score of a video on the platform. It tries to understand what the user has watched before and shows related videos. It also retrieves this data from other areas such as the YouTube homepage, trending videos, and user subscriptions. To understand YouTube’s algorithm in detail, you can read our guide on how YouTube’s algorithm works.

Top 5 ways to improve organic reach on YouTube

5-ways to-improve-organic-reach-on-youtube

Keywords research

As a marketer or creator, it is imperative to understand that keywords, descriptions, tags, and captions play a vital role in optimizing your videos and boosting your reach. You need to do thorough keyword research using tools like Google Adword’s Keyword Planner. You can use these keywords relevant to your video content in your tags, descriptions, and captions to give the algorithm an idea of the kind of content your video consists of.

Video description optimization

As mentioned above, video descriptions need to have your primary keywords. This not only helps the users understand your video content but also helps the algorithm for SEO purposes. Try using attention-grabbing language and create FOMO through your words so that a user to intrigued to click on your video. Remember to add links to your website or social media handles and relevant hashtags.

Video engagement

Under every video on YouTube, you will be comments left by viewers unless this setting is turned off manually. Leave this setting on to increase audience engagement on your videos. Through comments and likes, you will understand how your video is performing among your audience. If viewers have meaningful conversations on your videos, the algorithm acknowledges this and boosts your video on top in SERP.

YouTube analytics

YouTube Analytics is the best way to track your channel’s performance and ranking on YouTube. This feature is a part of the YouTube Studio tool. You can access it by downloading the extension browser and logging in with YouTube channel credentials. You can customize your videos based on the analytics data and create new strategies and content around your viewer’s likings.

Upload on a schedule

Having a video upload schedule is crucial to rank your videos and boost your YouTube reach organically. If you have an irregular upload schedule, your subscribers might forget about you, and your numbers might drop. To avoid this, you can use tools like TubeBuddy to schedule video uploads during peak hours. Once you upload a new video, your audience base will immediately receive a notification on their phone regarding your video.