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Beginner’s Guide to YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry, as old as the internet itself this zone is filled with cashflow. If you are planning to build a passive income or looking for an opportunity to earn money online then Affiliate Marketing can’t be ignored. Publishers are shifting to this market to maximize their profit. If you are trying to be a part of it and have the following quest then do not forget to read this article till the end.

  1. How to be a pro in Affiliate Marketing?
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing
  3. How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing?
  4. How to make money from Youtube Affiliate Marketing?

We have answers to all these questions. There are many ways to earn money online, and one of them is Affiliate Marketing. After Google, YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, giving you bigger, better opportunities to earn money on this platform.

What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is a platform where you can promote products and services. You get paid a certain amount of commission with this type of marketing.

Bloggers earn money by building an audience through affiliate programs on social media handles who trust their opinions and reviews. The key is to find a product that you like and share its features with your audience in the most creative way possible.

To have a better and in-depth understanding of affiliate marketing, you can refer to our YouTube Affiliate Marketing blog.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?



In digital marketing, affiliate programs are a part of a marketing strategy that lets you easily make money. But it does come with its technical challenges that we will discuss further down.

Luckily, here’s the process that you need to familiarize yourself with before joining a program:

  1. When you join a program as an affiliate, the merchant will provide you with a unique ID or URL that you will use while promoting the company’s products and services.
  2. You can then link this ID or URL to your blogs, videos, or emails, inviting users to click on it to know more about the product and what it has to offer.
  3. When a potential buyer clicks on the link, they are redirected to your site, and through cookies, you will receive a referral sale notification whenever the sale occurs.
  4. Once the purchase is completed by the buyer, the merchant checks for the source of referral.
  5. When the referral ID is identified, the merchant will notify you of the sale.
  6. And lastly, the merchant will then pay you the commission for each sale made under your reference ID

Why is YouTube affiliate marketing considered as the best platform?


YouTube Affiliate Marketing strictly deals with promoting products and services on the platform through a channel in the form of ads, reviews, and cards.

As a YouTube affiliate marketer, you have a large audience to reach through YouTube, which gives you an enormous opportunity to make money through the affiliate programs available online.

Your videos could be anything from reviews to tutorials that inspire your audience to buy those products based on your word.

How to Start YouTube Affiliate Marketing – 5 step action

Giving insights about a product might seem tricky for beginners. So here’s a 5-step action to get you started with affiliate marketing:

Step 1: Choose a niche or product


Before doing anything else, you need to choose a niche. The reason being, if you choose random products or a niche that you don’t like, you won’t have enough knowledge to be used while promoting. And your audience will pick on your fake affection towards the product, which will eventually drive them away.

The bottom line being, choose products that you genuinely like, promoting those products will be easier.

Step 2: Create your website or blog


Now that you know what niche suits you, create your website where your users can be directed. Or you can have your blog where users can get a clear idea of the products and services.

You can use platforms like YouTube, Twitch, etc., to further boost your affiliate marketing on YouTube by adding a visual touch to your reviews and humanizing your content with your emotions through videos.

Step 3: Set up an affiliate program


Out of the many, choose the best affiliate program that resonates with your ethics as a blogger or vlogger. You will then receive a guide or instructions from your merchant on how to use the platform, details of your commission, and a summary of the agreement.

In case your audience is global, you can use online services to track your sales.

Step 4: Promote your products


Using your affiliate offers, promote your products on as many social media platforms as you can. Build trust among your audience, and recommend your products. Remember to not over-advertise and focus on the quality of your content. Let your creative content speak for itself.

According to studies, the most successful affiliate offers don’t use many advertisements; they are direct and legit.

Step 5: Understand your affiliate agreements


Every program comes with a set of rules and practices an affiliate should adhere to. Remember to display disclaimers on your website so that your audience knows that you earn a small commission from each purchase they make, and if they don’t complete a purchase, it’s ok.

Assure them that you have personally used the products you are promoting and that only after understanding their benefits you are recommending them.

Now that you know how to start your affiliate career, here are the best affiliate programs recommended by us.

Types of Affiliate Marketing Programs

Here are the top 3 Affiliate Marketing Programs

  1. Amazon Affiliate Program
  2. Twitch Affiliate Program
  3. Veefly Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program


When you join the Amazon Affiliate Program, you are known as an Amazon Associate. The basics are the same, you join the program, receive a link, and receive a commission on each sale made through your referral link. The program is free for website owners and bloggers.

Rules and requirements

  1. Disclosure is a must. You need to mention on your site that you are eligible to earn a commission from your recommendations.
  2. Making false claims and providing wrong information is prohibited.
  3. Amazon affiliate links cannot be used for offline promotions, eBooks, emails, etc.
  4. Using link shorteners on affiliate links is prohibited.

To become an Amazon Affiliate

  • Create your website or blog
  • Visit the Amazon Affiliate Program page.
  • Sign up as an associate – create a profile.
  • Create Amazon Affiliate links

Twitch Affiliate Program


Twitch is a streaming platform that invites gamers to join their affiliate program. Through this program, streamers can earn money by playing video games.


You must have:

  1. A minimum of 50 followers.
  2. At least 7 unique broadcasts in the past 30 days.
  3. An average of 3 simultaneous viewers in the past 30 days.
  4. A minimum of 500 total minutes broadcasted in the past 30 days.

To become a Twitch Affiliate

  • Go to your Creator Dashboard and select the Preferences tab.
  • Register by filling in your general information
  • Agree to the terms and conditions after reading it carefully.
  • Provide your tax information
  • Provide payout information to receive Twitch affiliate payments

Veefly Affiliate Program


Veefly is a platform Youtube Promotion Services videos using Google AdWords and the latest YouTube promotion strategies, helping you make your videos viral. You can start a campaign to do so by customizing your budget and geographical reach.


  1. Anyone can join the affiliate program, from beginners to established YouTubers.
  2. Affiliates will receive 15% on every referral.
  3. Disclosure is a must when using the affiliate referral link.

To become a Veefly Affiliate

  • Visit the Veefly Affiliate Program Page.
  • Sign up as an affiliate.
  • Use your affiliate link to promote Veefly.
  • Once a user uses your link to run a successful campaign, you receive 15% as Affiliate cash.
  • Use Affiliate cash to start your own campaigns with Veefly.

What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?


With High ticket affiliate marketing, you can earn a high commission compared to regular affiliate marketing programs. High ticket or high paying affiliate marketing programs offer massive commissions on every product sold through their referral links.

Exciting, isn’t it? But how does one become a high ticket affiliate marketer? To how to become one by reading our blog Top 20 High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Earlier, we came across the challenges one might while dealing with affiliate marketing. Here we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of youtube affiliate marketing. Let’s further elaborate on this.

Pros and Cons of YouTube Affiliate Marketing


Though YouTube Affiliate Marketing sounds simple, it has its own set of challenges. Let’s look at some of the things you must avoid in YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

Read our blog for a clear idea of the Pros and Cons of YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

Things you must avoid:

  • Don’t promote products you don’t like.
  • Avoid over advertising.
  • Do not advertise unrelated products.
  • Not concealing your affiliate agreements.
  • Refrain from sharing your affiliate account details with anyone.


We have now come to the end of our guide, and I am sure you must have a good idea about Affiliate Marketing and the different programs there are for you to choose from.

Though it has many disadvantages, the pros outweigh the cons, giving you even more inspiration to join similar programs. It’s easy to start and considered one of the best business models to earn money quickly.

Know who your audiences are and build from there. Remember to choose products that you believe in and share your story.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start earning!!!