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YouTube Rolls Out Free Subscriptions Offer For Channel Growth

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YouTube makes your wish come true if you’ve ever wanted a free membership. Yes! The video-sharing platform now offers free YouTube subscriptions to viewers through their favorite creators. Users can leverage the exclusive features that come with the subscription on the platform to enhance their user experience. YouTube has been developing a few features for a long time, but this was way beyond everyone’s expectations. So, let’s dig deeper to unveil why YouTube put forward such a plan!

Creators Offer Free YouTube Subscription To The Viewers

free youtube subscriptions

YouTube has initiated a new program allowing creators to grow their channel reach. In this program, eligible YouTubers are expected to give away 10 free YouTube subscriptions to the viewers in the live stream via gift membership. These can be distributed in batches of 5 twice a month or 1 at a time in the live session. YouTubers cannot decide which viewers they want to offer a premium version to. Instead, the platform will distribute the gift membership based on the interaction and viewership on the channel. So, if you are willing to get a YouTube premium for free, ensure you interact the most with your favorite creator’s content.

Why Is YouTube Offering Free Subscriptions Across The Platform?

YouTube proposes gift membership to viewers to make them realize how beneficial it could be to subscribe to a channel. According to the platform, the program can increase the potential of regular viewers converting into full-paying members, boosting revenue and brand awareness.

How Can Creator Start With This Program?

To start offering free YouTube subscriptions to your viewers, you need to be eligible for two things. You must have enabled channel membership on your channel and offer it a tier below $5. Now, if you don’t know how the program works, here’s a quick guide.

  • When you are in the level session, click on the $ icon in the chat.
  • Select the membership gifting option.
  • Click “Gift 5 now” or the number of subscriptions you have decided to give away.


Getting a channel membership has different perks and benefits that regular viewers are unaware of. Therefore, YT launched free YouTube subscriptions for viewers, hoping they would convert into premium users after recognizing its benefit. However, how long this offer will be available for viewers is still unknown. In addition, free gift membership isn’t open for brand accounts, but YouTube says it will be soon!