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How To Download YouTube Shorts?

Save all your favorite shorts from YouTube on your device now!

Did you try saving YT shorts on your phone? Well, you might have tried all the settings and failed to find the option to download YouTube shorts. That usually happens because YT does not have the option to save the short videos on your phone. But in this guide we have figured out ways to download YouTube shorts on your phone or desktop.

Steps To Download YouTube Shorts

You do not have to download another app to save shorts. Below are the steps to save YT shorts on your iPhone or Android device:

1. Open the YouTube app and tap on the shorts icon.

2. Now tap on the share icon on the right side.

3. Tap copy link.

4. Then, open your favorite browser app and search Shortsnoob YouTube shorts downloader.

5. Once you open the website in the browser. Paste the link in the box and tap search.

download YT shorts

6. After the site has successfully found the video that you want to download, scroll down and select the available format you want to download the video in.

7. Now, the video will open in a new tab in the browser.

8. Tap on the three vertical dots.

9. Finally, tap download to save the YouTube shorts on your phone.

save YouTube shorts

Download YouTube Shorts From YouTube On Windows And Mac

To download YouTube shorts on a Windows or a Mac computer, you will require an external YT shorts downloader application. These applications are easy to understand, and you can conveniently download your favorite YT Shorts videos using such applications. We recommend using the YT shorts SaveTube application. You can also choose any other application to download YouTube shorts, provided it is reliable and safe.

Follow these steps to download YT Shorts using SaveTube.

1. Copy the URL of the YouTube shorts video you are interested in. You can directly copy the link from the address bar or click on ‘Share.’ Copy the link that appears.

2. Go to the SaveTube website page to download YouTube Shorts videos for free.

Go to SaveTube website

3. Paste the link into the space and click ‘Get Video.‘ Choose the desired quality of your video and then tap Download.

The download will start soon, and your video will be saved in the downloads folder on your Windows or Mac PC.

Download YouTube Shorts On Android And iOS

If you wish to download YouTube Shorts from your Android or iOS devices, you can follow the same steps that we mentioned above by copying the URL from YT Shorts and pasting it into the Shortsnoob YT downloader.  It serves the purpose of downloading those videos to your Android or iOS device.

Download YouTube Shorts Without Watermark

If you wish to download YouTube shorts without any watermark in it, you can try using a reliable YouTube shorts downloader. You will find the prominent YT shorts downloaders in the section below.

These third-party tools have a feature that helps you download the YT shorts video without a watermark. You simply have to follow the steps below:

  • Copy the URL of the shorts video.
  • Head over to a free YouTube Shorts downloader.
  • Paste the link in the relevant space and click on ‘Export Project.

Choose the video resolution and file type, and you will be prompted to the next screen, where you can click and download the video without a watermark.

Top 3 Shorts Downloader You Must Try

Downloading shorts on your phone is easy. You can use the above steps and the below sites to get your favorite shorts on your phone.

SaveTube YT Shorts Downloader

This site, too, allows you to save the YT short videos on your device for free. All you have to do is paste the short video’s link in the box and download it. It’s available for free, and you can use it to save YT short videos to your phone or desktop.

FlashSave.net YouTubeshorts Downloader

Flashsave.net is yet another downloader that helps to save shorts on your phone. It also allows selecting the preferred quality which you want to download.

HeatFeed Shorts Downloader

If you want to download YouTube shorts to MP4, then Heatfeed is the best option. Though the other downloaders allow saving the videos in different formats, this site allows you to save the videos in MP3 and MP4 format.

  1. Open YouTube on the browser of your choice.
  2. Click on the shorts on the left side.
  3. Once the shorts appear, click on the share icon.
  4. Click on copy to copy the shorts link.
  5. Now visit the Heatfeed site.
  6. Paste the link that you have copied in the box and tap convert.
  7. Once the video appears, tap on the download arrow.
  8. Now you can select the quality in which you want to save the YT short on the desktop.

You can also use this site to download YT shorts on your phone.


You can use these sites to download YouTube shorts that you like. If you’re unable to see short videos on YouTube, you must find the right reason for the error and how to fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Download Shorts From YouTube?

Though YT does not have the option to download shorts directly, you can use third-party sites to save YouTube shorts on your device.

Q2. Which Is The Best App To Download YouTube Shorts?

Here’s a list of the best sites to download YT shorts:

  • SaveTube
  • FlashSave.net
  • HeatFeed
  • Shortsnoob
  • Shortsloader.com

Q3. Can We Download YouTube Shorts Without Premium?

You do not need YouTube’s premium version to download shorts. You can’t save shorts on the device, but you can use short downloaders to get them on your phone.

Q4. Can You Download YouTube Shorts From PC?

YT does not have the option to download shorts directly on the Windows or Mac desktop. Therefore, you need to use a short downloader site to save shorts on a PC.

Q5. Is It Legal To Download YouTube Shorts Using Third-Party Tools?

No, it is illegal to download YouTube Shorts using third-party tools as it is against YouTube’s terms of service. It can also lead to infringement and copyright violations by content creators.

Q6. Can I Download YouTube Shorts For Offline Viewing?

How to download YouTube Shorts for offline viewing? So, you can’t do it unless you’re a YouTube Premium customer in a country where YouTube allows offline downloading.

Q7. Can I Share Downloaded YouTube Shorts With Others?

There may be restrictions on sharing the files you download while using YouTube’s official offline option (when it’s available).