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How To Download YouTube Videos On iPhone – Full Guide for 2023

How can I download YouTube videos to my iPhone 2023? How can I download YouTube videos 2023?

YouTube and iPhone always had a bitter-sweet connection since the topic of how to download youtube videos on iPhone arose. Downloading your favorite video content from YouTube helps save your data pass your time when you are out of the connectivity range. That’s the reason why we are here to tell you tricks on how to download YouTube videos on iPhone in a pretty efficient manner, so let’s get started.

Steps to download YouTube videos on iPhone

Downloading the videos on your iOS device can be a little bit tricky, but it’s not impossible. Knowing how to download videos on iPhone to youtube in mp4 format makes your work a lot manageable. If your device is supported by iOS 13 or above, fetching the videos is a piece of cake with the help of safari. Even if your device is not supported by the iOS 13, there is no need to fret. You can always download the YouTube video by accessing documents such as a Readdle and online YouTube downloaders such as Y2Mate.

The steps to download with iOS 13 and later are as follows:-


  1. Open the YouTube app and find the video of your choice. Tap the share button and click the copy link option.


2. Go to the ‘safari search engine’ and open the Y2MATE tab, online downloader.


3. Post the link that you have copied and tap the download button.


4. After a few seconds, an option will appear for downloading the video to mp4. Select the one you want and tap the download button.

5. Make sure to tap the download button in the pop-up box that appears.

 How to download YouTube on MP4 without iOS 13?

  1. Download the readdle app.
  2. Finish the installation of documents and head over to the YouTube app.
  3. Search for the video you prefer, click on share and copy the link.
  4.  Open the documents app. Go back to the web browser by pressing the blue compass icon at the bottom of the screen.
  5.  Go to the Y2mate and copy-paste the link in the search box.
  6.  Tap the download button, wait for the system to show the download options. Then, select the download button that is related to the MP4 file format. 

After following all the above-stated steps for both categories, you can watch your favorite content offline without much hassle. 

 Here is a list of free apps to download videos of YouTube on iPhone

  • Cloud video player pro
  • Video Downloader
  • iDownloader
  • Video downloader
  • Best Video Downloader
  • Video Downloader Pro
  • Free Video Downloader

Is Downloading YouTube Videos Legal?

According to Google’s terms of service for YouTube, the straight answer is no. The terms state that the content can be accessed and used to gain knowledge and information solely for that purpose. Downloading the video if there is no download button or a link displayed would violate the terms of service. If found guilty, the company may terminate your account. However, one can still download videos that include public domain and are not copyrighted and clips covered by Creative Commons License.

How do you find your downloaded videos on iPhone?

Safari is the primary app you can use. Safari saves downloads to the Files app by storing them directly to your device or in a downloads folder in the iCloud drive. If you have any other cloud service set up, like Dropbox or Google Drive, you can set your download locations.

find-your-downloaded-videos-on-iPhone-11. Go to the Settings app.


2. Open Safari, tap downloads.


3. Select the storage where you want the files to be downloaded from the options displayed.

How To Download YouTube Videos On iPhone 4S?

When you have learned how to download videos on iPhone from YouTube, fetching your content in iPhone 4s is no big deal. But first things first, we should know what the iPhone 4s supports video file formats to complete your work smoothly. Therefore, we have listed below the basic and minimum requirements for video download on the iPhone.

  • H.264 video gives supports up to 1080p with 30 fps, and stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats.
  • MPEG-4 video is supported up to 2.5 Mbps, having 640 by 480 pixels giving 30 frames per second, with stereo audios available in the .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats.
  • Motion JPEG is supported by 35 Mbps, having 1280 by 720 pixels, with 30 frames per second, audio available in law, and the PCM stereo audio in .avi file format.
  • To save YouTube videos for iPhone 4S, you have to convert them to the iPhone 4S formats.

Steps On How To Download Video Off YouTube On iPhone


  1. Install a free app called Leawo, and after it gets ready, a browse option gives you access to search the youtube video in two ways: by adding YouTube video URL to the address bar or finding a video with keywords. The video can be downloaded with the window appearing at the right bottom of the video page.
  2.  Converting YouTube video:- Select the second panel and convert YouTube video to iPhone 4s formats. Choose a video format and click the convert button, setting your desired settings and confirming the video confirmation task.
  3. Transfer the video to your iPhone.

The video downloading and the converting process can be accessed with the third convert panel, connect your iPhone 4s to your PC, and save YouTube videos for iPhone 4s with the help of iTunes.

How To Download YouTube Videos On iPhone 6?

There are various free and paid apps that you can use to download YouTube videos on your iPhone. You can follow the given steps to download videos on iPhone from YouTube.

  1. Copy the YouTube video link: For this, you may use the web or open the YouTube app, play a video, tap Share, and then tap Copy link.
  2. Open Safari on your iPhone running iOS 13 or iOS 14 and visit any website that lets you download YouTube videos online. You can search download YouTube videos online.
  3. Paste the YouTube video link here and tap Convert.
  4. Tap Get Link and tap download
  5. Click Download from the pop-up.
  6. Tap the tiny download arrow in the top-right.
  7. Once the download completes, tap the video file, and it will start playing and select the share button and choose Save Video. The YouTube video will be saved to the Photos app or any location of your choice.

We hope that by following the above-stated ways on how to download YouTube videos on iPhone, you will enjoy your favorites songs and YouTube originals without any interruption. Happy streaming!

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