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How To Extract Text From Video?

Pull up text from YouTube videos now!

Transcripts and subtitles help viewers understand the video better, and watching it without them is a real pain, especially when there’s a language barrier. However, there are different ways to get the transcript of the video you watch: extracting text from video using third-party tools is one of them. Yes! Multiple automated generated software are available online that offer an effective way to get the transcript of the videos in no time.

You can use this guide to learn how to extract text from YouTube videos to make notes of the content and save time from rewatching the video.

Extracting Text From Video On YouTube Using Flixier

Extracting text from a video lets you have a detailed note of the content to review later. If the YouTube videos don’t have the transcript, you can use the automated generated subtitle feature, which you get next to the setting icon. However, that feature doesn’t work for every video you watch; in that case, you must know how to extract text from videos. Here, we will help you understand how to do it using Flixier.

1. Open your computer and go to the browser.

2. Search for flixier.com and sign up if you don’t have an account. But if you already have one, use the log in option to activate your account.

flixier-log in- youtube

3. On the Fixier dashboard, head to the import option and choose the link to drop the video file.

import file-link-youtube

4. Paste the video link in the box and click the import button. You can also drag and drop the video file if you have already downloaded one for extracting text from the video.

copy-paste-extracting text-youtube

5. The video will be imported into the software. Now, navigate below to the slider, right-click on it, and choose the generate subtitles option.


6. Once you are done, the software will show the generated subtitle on the screen’s right panel.

7. Head to the subtitle option on the top and click on the dropdown there.

extracting text from video

8. Select the TXT no timestamps option and click the download icon next to it.

extracting text from video

9. When you do it, you will see the uploaded file at the bottom of the taskbar.



Extracting text from video on YouTube helps you save content to use later. Transcripts and subtitles are usually used to understand the content you watch clearly. The extraction technique becomes extremely helpful if the video has none of them, especially for students taking lectures on YouTube. Flixier is one of the best transcription software for extracting text from videos on the platform. But you can get your hands on others to fit in your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  Can we extract text from the video?

Yes. If the transcript or subtitle of the videos isn’t available, you can use third-party tools like Flixier or Temi to extract the text from the video.

Q2. How do I extract text from a recording?

You don’t need to sweat over which tool to use to extract text from a recording, as Flixier supports audio and video files to bring out the text.

Q3. What are the best Automated Transcription tools?

Most tools on the internet charge for the service either via subscription or in the form of a per-minute rate. Here’s the list of them for extracting text from video, depending on your budget.

  1. Temi
  2. Trint
  3. Flixier
  4. Rev
  5. Maestra

Q4. How do you get the transcript of a YouTube video on your phone?

To get the transcript of a YouTube video on the phone, you first need to check if the video has the transcript. Now that you quickly get automated video subtitles, transcripts aren’t preferred to add. So, if your video has the transcript, click on the three dots next to the share icon, choose transcript, and you will see the text list on the screen.