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How To Remove Background From A Video?

Push your creative limits using a background removal tool!

Filmed a video, and there is lots of noise in the background? Well, if you know how to remove background from a video, you will not have to worry about all this. You can film a video anywhere in any background without having to worry about the people and things in the back.

You can remove background from your videos in several different ways. With the boom of many high-tech tools, AI, and other software, YouTubers can now find a background removal tool online that can help in solving your issue of ‘how to remove background from a video.’

How To Remove Video Background? (3 Easy Ways)

If you have shot a video and want to change the background into something unique, you can always do that online using any editing software of your choice. Many YouTubers do not own a green screen, making it difficult to film videos that require a change of scenery.

However, you can still achieve a perfect video with changed background using these easy ways:

Using An AI Background Removal ToolHow To Remove Video Background

The easiest way out is to use an AI background removal tool. You can find several AI tools online that can help you with removing the background of any video you want to edit for posting on YouTube. There are plenty of apps available on the internet that can easily remove your video’s background in a few steps. Here are some of the AI background removal tools available online:

  • VSDC Video Editor
  • Filmora
  • Kapwing (online)
  • VEED’s AI Background Remover
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Unscreen (online)
  • Canva

You simply need to upload the video you want without background and follow a few steps to remove the background from any video. However, some of the apps mentioned above, like Adobe Premier Pro and Filmora, are not free. You have to subscribe to keep using them. While apps like Canva have limitations on the size of the video clips it can edit.

But when listing for AI tools, these software are the top picks by most users. With the use of AI, editors don’t need to manually mark the background as the AI tool itself identifies and erases, making the work easier.

Using Editing Software

Suppose you’re thinking about how to remove background from a video but want more precise cutout and editing features. In that case, you can switch to video editing software like Adobe Premier Pro, Filmora, or even iMovie for Mac users to get rid of the background. These software are not free; however, they have many of the latest features that make the video editing process much smoother.

You can add any desired background to your video to make it look more realistic! These softwares have a background removal tool that makes the life of every editor easy and the whole process much more efficient.

Using Microsoft PowerPoint

If you have Googled how to remove background from a video and thinking of buying any tool to just do that well, you don’t have to. If you’re a Mac user, you can do that easily with the help of iMovies, but what about Windows users? The great news is that even Windows users have an easy way out!

Microsoft PowerPoint has a background removal tool that can help with removing your video’s background without the need for any external software. Here’s how:

  1. Play the video you want to remove the background of.
  2. Take a screenshot from the video.
  3. Now open MS PowerPoint and upload your screenshot to a slide.
  4. Using the background removal tool, erase the background from the main character’s frame.
  5. Choose another image you want to add as a background, and make sure you have chosen the correct frame that you need to add to your video.
  6. Right-click and click on Send to Back.
  7. Save this newly formed image to your computer.
  8.  Now, start a new presentation, and this time, remove the main character from the frame of the saved image.
  9. Now, add the original video to the PowerPoint slide.
  10. And add Send to Back to the video.

And that’s it. That’s how you can remove and change the background using MS PowerPoint. But for many, this process is tedious and lengthy. Also, editing becomes difficult in videos with more characters than one main character.

This is the primary reason why many choose online AI tools or a background removal tool. Those are much easier to handle and edit when compared with MS PowerPoint. And also because they offer an array of impressive tools that could make any video edit look professional.


The need to create a unique video should not be limited to having the right equipment. If you don’t have a green screen and are still thinking of changing any video’s background, you can do that easily using any background removal software.

Hopefully, this blog solved your query about “how to remove background from a video”. You can erase background of any video using any of the background removal tools listed above and edit the video however you like in just a few steps!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What free AI tools you can use to remove background from video?

There are loads of free AI tools available online that you can use to remove video background. Unscreen, Descript, Erase.bg and many others offer free AI tools to remove the background of any video.

Q2. How to remove the background from a video without using a green screen?

You can simply upload the video to any background removal tool online and erase the background with perfection easily.

Q3. How can I change the background of a video online?

To change the background of your video, upload the video to the video editing software that offers a background removal feature and edit the video as you like.

Q4. Is there an app to change the background of a video?

If you’re looking for a background removal app for your Android or iOS device, you can download KineMaster on your mobile device. This free app has a premium version that offers background changing features.