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How To Make VR Video For YouTube?

Upload VR videos on your YT channel in a few steps!

Are you an adventure junkie and looking for how to make VR video for YouTube? Then you’re at the right place. In this modern age of GoPros and VR tech, video shooting has undoubtedly leaped to another dimension. As a result, VR video content is highly enjoyed by many for the experience it offers its users.

Through this guide, learn how to make a VR video for YouTube and flawlessly upload it on the platform. If you’re a travel vlogger or adventure enthusiast, VR videos can change the game of your content delivery. But first, let’s briefly discuss what they are.

What Are VR Videos?

VR videos or virtual reality videos are surround videos that are watched through VR headsets. These immersive videos give viewers a 360-degree view. These videos are filmed using an omnidirectional camera or set of cameras.

A 360 video and a VR video are slightly different concepts. Even though both are filmed using a 360-degree camera, VR videos are watched in a headset so that the viewer can see from every angle when the head position moves around. While a 360 video can be watched on any device, you just have to move around by dragging or moving your cursor around.

How To Make VR Video In A Few Easy Steps?

Follow these steps to make a VR video in a few steps:

Arranging the right equipment: Firstly, you must have the right equipment to make a VR video. You need to have a good quality 360-degree camera. A light portable camera with a good-length stick will help you capture better. GoPro Fusion or Insta 360 One X are some better options.

Planning your shots: Secondly, you need to pre-plan everything and shoot everything accordingly. Then, plan how you want to capture the shots. Film or direct is such a way that sparks curiosity in viewers to look around. Since the viewer is watching the video to experience it, you must film or add something that is unique.

Production: The next phase is production. One must understand the fact that a 360-degree camera captures everything, so if you’re not okay with being in the shot, you need to find an alternative. Shoot the scene more vividly and gain more surroundings. You need to see that you’re not taking most of the space of the camera if you’re in the video.

Editing: When you’re done with filming, finally you’ll be moving ahead to editing the video. Many 360-degree cameras come with their own editing software. This software also includes stitching multiple photos taken from different angles to add to a VR video. Editing will let you understand that the video is in sequence and the settings are in VR.

Now that you have understood the whole process of planning, filming, and editing the videos, it’s time to upload your video.

How To Upload 360 Video To YouTube?

After you’re done editing and love the way your video looks, you can directly publish it to YouTube. But here’s a simple guide on how to publish your VR video on YouTube:

  1. Open YouTube Studio
  2. Click on Create. Upload VR videos on YouTube
  3. Then click on Upload Videos.
  4. Choose the file after clicking on Select Files.how to upload 360 video to YouTube
  5. Now enter all the details and see that you fit into YouTube’s copyright policy.
  6. Hit publish when you’re done.Upload VR videos on YouTube

A virtual reality video can be uploaded to YouTube just like any other kind of video. Just make sure the 360 functionality is functional after the video has been uploaded. Also, any viewer who wants to experience VR simply needs to watch that same video in a virtual reality headset.


That’s all you need to know about how to make a VR video for YouTube. It’s suggested that you invest in the best camera and shooting equipment to get the best results for your video content. In fact, always remember the greater the quality of your content will be, the better your videos will do on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is YouTube VR free?

Watching VR videos on YouTube is completely free. Besides having a virtual reality set, viewers don’t have to invest in or pay extra to experience any video in VR.

2. Where can I find VR videos?

You can watch VR videos on YouTube and other video-sharing platforms. For instance, simply search for 360 or VR on YouTube, and you’ll find videos that can be watched in that mode.

3. How much does a VR video cost?

The cost of virtual reality videos can vary depending on the creativity of the video produced. But it won’t be too heavy on your pockets once you invest in good camera equipment and do all post-production and production duties yourself.

4. How to watch a VR video on YouTube?

Look for VR videos on YouTube. For example, go to the VR video you want to watch, look for a VR headset symbol in the right corner, or on your mobile, go to the settings option and click “Watch in VR.”