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New Audience Insight Tools: YouTube’s Latest Launch

Better insights equal to better content going out!

YouTube has been working on its platform to make things very accessible to its users. Now, it has updated its analytics platform with new audience insight tools so that creators can get better audience insights. With this update, creators will have more advanced insights, like data on membership cancellation and even advanced viewer data information for the first time.

Along with these changes, YouTube has also launched many other updates to enhance user experience. So let’s see one by one what are the new audience insight tools and other updates.

What Are The New Audience Insight Tools?new audience insights on YouTube

To make creation fun and efficient for creators, YouTube is equipping its analytical platform with a bunch of updates. These new audience insight tools are meant to give more data-led insights to creators to track their audiences more closely.

Starting with the Membership analytics, YouTube has updated one new insight tool and two new cards in the membership tab.

  • Total Members card will now give access to creators to see the total number of members in their channel. Also, in this, they have introduced two sections, Recurring memberships and Gifted memberships. This way, creators have a better understanding of their members and their types.
  • Through the Members join from’ card, creators can now have insights into how they have converted memberships through their content.
  • The Reason for membership cancellation is one of the new audience insight tools that have been added to YouTube Analytics. Through this insight tool, creators can now know why their members are leaving the membership. However, there is no detailed report available on it.

Apart from the new viewer insight tools, YouTube has made some changes to Studio Analytics. YouTube has added a feature through which creators can now analyze and compare the number of views they got from different audience sections.

Creators will also find a new section called “New and Returning Viewers” in Deep Dive Analytics, where they see how their content is performing based on different audience sections. With these new updates, YouTube is trying to improve creators’ experience in analyzing data. With new audience insight tools, YouTubers can now get a better grip on their audience’s behavior so they improve the type of content being posted.


That’s all on new audience insight tools that have been updated by YouTube to give advanced analytics to its creators. The new additions are definitely going to give a better grip to all YouTubers so that they can improve the content based on their audience’s liking.