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YouTube has just launched ‘New to You’ Feature to help users

What are the features of YouTube? How do you get new on YouTube?

Have you seen the YouTube New Feature yet? You must have definitely seen the YouTube New to you feature if you are an Android user! YouTube has always strived to enhance its user experience. Hence it keeps coming up with new features that will help its users to enjoy the video streaming platform. So stay glued to this page as we discuss this YouTube new feature!

What is the YouTube New Feature?

Imagine you get to watch the set of videos you are fond of, including the latest content that your favorite YouTubers update, all with one click! Yes, that’s the new feature that YouTube has lately introduced.

Obviously, you have the list of recommended videos, where YouTube recommends you to watch videos based on your history. That includes various videos, including gaming, lifestyle vlogs, travel vlogs, musical videos, or event videos. But the list is so long that you only spend time watching those videos.

With the ‘New to you’ feature, YouTube will show you videos yet ‘undiscovered’ by you.

The ‘New to You’ feature appears on the YouTube page for Android users.

How to Get the YouTube New to You Feature on your Android Phone?

If you are an Android user, you need to open the YouTube app.

You will see the ‘Explore’ option on the top bar, just below your user icon, you will see the ‘New to you’ feature.


If you cannot see the option, you need to refresh the page by dragging the page.

How to Get the New to You YouTube Feature on your desktop?

The New to You YT feature on your desktop will also appear on the YT homepage. It will seem like a card that will read, “Looking for something different?”. Exactly like you see the recommended videos when you open YouTube on your desktop. As you know, the recommended videos are based on the list of videos that you watch on YouTube.

Youtube new to you feature desktop

On the New to You YouTube feature, you will see videos that you haven’t seen yet. It will show you content from the channels that you have not discovered yet but are related to the videos that you watch.


Check out the YT New feature and watch the undiscovered videos with one click on the YouTube homepage. To know more about YouTube and the upcoming updates, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is YouTube new to you?

YouTube New to you will show you content that is aligned to your taste of videos but is yet undiscovered by you.

What is the new update on YouTube 2023?

If you are a YouTube shorts creator now you will be able to monetize your channel with enough public views on YouTube shorts.

How do you get new on YouTube?

On Desktop the ‘new to you’ will appear in a card form, in the video feed. And on your Android phone, you will see the feature beside the ‘Explore’ option. If you are unable to see the YouTube new to you, then you need to drag your screen to refresh the page. Post this you will see the ‘new to you’ option.