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Are YouTube Privacy Settings Spying Over Its Users? How to Manage?

How to change video privacy settings on YouTube? Is There a Way to Make Your Activity on YouTube Private?

There have been controversies about YouTube Privacy Settings. As YouTuber, we know that even you are insecure about your share data with the video-sharing giant! While you are making videos, you have always been careful that you don’t break any terms and conditions of the YouTube privacy policy. In this blog, we will see if YouTube Privacy Settings is actually a threat to you.

What Does the YouTube Privacy Settings Say?

The YouTube Privacy Policy says that it uses data to improve your user experience on the platform. For example, the search history on YouTube is responsible for providing you with recommendations and showing you relevant ads. It claims to collect whatever you search for the search engine to provide you with videos based on your behavior. But imagine what data is collected if you are searching for things related to the upcoming elections! Needless to say, you need to clear your history frequently.


Let’s not forget YouTube was fined for violating children’s policy two years ago. Do you want to know the details? Further, we’ll understand what the cause of the fine was.

The YouTube Privacy Complaint

Yes, we are sure you must be knowing about this. YouTube had to pay a fine of $170 million for violating children’s privacy policy. The accusation on YouTube was that it has collected data of children below the age of 13 without parental consent.


Google that owns YouTube, agreed to pay the fine knowing the seriousness of the YouTube Privacy Complaint. Therefore, Google was to pay $136 million to FTC and the remaining $34 million to the state of New York.

We know how important is your child’s YouTube privacy for you. You should let your kids access YouTube kids only if you agree with the YouTube privacy policy.


Do not take the YouTube Privacy Settings lightly. To protect your YouTube privacy, you need to delete your history frequently.