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What Is YouTube Student Plan? (Updated 2024) Beginner’s Guide

How does YouTube verify you're a student? How much is a YouTube subscription student?

Are you wondering about the YouTube Student plan? If you are a student, we are sure music and videos are your sole rescue from daily life! For today’s topic, we will share with you the YouTube premium student plan! So without any delay, let’s get started with the YouTube Student plan!

Who All Can Access YouTube Student Plan?


As the name suggests, this is the YouTube premium plan specially made for students! As it is pretty economical, it goes easy in pocket money!

What Are The Documents Needed For YouTube Premium Student Plan?


There isn’t much need for any kind of heavy documents. You just need to provide a college I’d and a confirmed enrollment letter! The only thing you need to keep in mind is to renew the plan every year by providing the same identification proof! You can also access the YouTube music student plan from this too!

What Are The Features Associated With YouTube Music Student Discounts?


Just like YouTube Premium, you can actually enjoy all the benefits! Take a look below for some of the best features!

  • The student plan YouTube can enable you to watch your videos without ads.
  • You can have downloaded videos to watch when there is no internet access near you. Or even when you feel lazy and want to feel good by watching sloths sleeping around.
  • YouTube music premium also comes in with a good advantage. You can play among us while listening to Ninja get all hyped up about the new game!
  • And yes, YouTube music comes as complementary to the student plan.


How Do I Get The YouTube Premium Student Plan?

The steps are pretty easy! Follow the below-written steps to know-how.

  1. Open your laptop and head over to the YouTube premium webpage. You can also use the phone, it doesn’t matter what device it is.
  2. When you successfully land on the page, you will have two options: YouTube premium family and student.


3. Select the student option.


4. Do a verification check.

5. They will ask you for some detail in the form. Fill that and tap on next.

6. Select submit and enjoy the YouTube Student Plan

.Also, be sure to pay the amount too.

How Do I Cancel YouTube Student Premium?


Well, all good things come to an end. When you feel the need to delete YouTube music student plan, just head over to YouTube.com >manage memebership > deactive >cancel.


We hope that we have answered all your questions on the YouTube Student plan. And if you are not a student and still want to enjoy an ad-free experience on YouTube you can buy the premium too. Learn how to get youtube premium for free!

Frequently Asked Question

Does YouTube Premium Have Student Discount?

Yes, they provide you with a student plan too!

How Much Is A YouTube Premium Student Plan?

Students just have to pay $6.99/Month for Unlimited Streaming!!